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Originally Posted by jcburton24 View Post
also so I can pick up trash along the way and have a way to carry it.
YES! We do this a lot during our mini's here. I always like to see carts with lil trash bags. Helping clean up courses is super easy when you pick up a little trash every time you play.
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I want a cart bad. I'm not old, don't really have ailments. But after a 2 round tourney in 100 degree weather i'm wiped out. Having a go cart to sit on, and not have to carry my bags seems like it would have to allow a little more pep to the body on the last few holes. I've never gotten the hate on a cart, but i also don't get the "don't wear sleeves despite it being 20 degrees" in the NFL to be tougher. I would have no problem being called a wimp while i beat you on the course with my cart.....just gotta get one.
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I'm not hating on carts, I just don't see the advantage. The cart is not pulling/pushing itself around the course. If your courses have any elevation changes, tall grass or rough ground it would be a PITA. If I had an injury that prevented my from carrying a bag I don't think I could throw a disc.
On the other hand I do see people carrying bags that look like they could be on an episode of hoarders
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I started using a Go Cart during my recovery from an appendectomy.
Have also used a jogging stroller.
Sometimes I carry a Revo Carolina with quads.
Which option I choose on a particular day depends on where I'm playing and how many rounds I intend to play that day.

If I'm planning on 27 holes or less, I'll usually carry the Revo.
If I'm planning on 36 or more, I'll use one of the carts.

Some observations:
If the course is very wooded or hilly, carts can be more of a pain than a help.
If I want to carry extra stuff (cooler, water, clothes, camera equipment, etc), carts can be a real benefit.
Carrying a bag helps strengthen my back and reduces my lifelong back issues. The back issues came back after I used a Go Cart exclusively for a year. That's why I alternate with carrying a bag.

Use a cart if you want.
I don't understand why people criticize others for using a cart.
It's a choice, just like the disc you throw and the plastic you prefer...
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I hate that these threads (which i read as i prepared to create a cart) turn into whether carts are acceptable or not. Obviously, that's not the question. I've got a cart. Others also use a cart. If you use a cart, do you see things that might make my cart a better cart.

First 2 rounds played today. Bottom bag flops around a little. Other than that, it was awesome. Found a disc...tossed it down into the pack on the bottom...never had to worry about stuffing it into the bag. Called the guy it belonged to so I could return it. (He lost it 2 years ago on the same course.) Got warmer during my 2nd round....took off my jacket and tossed down in the bottom....no issues.
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Where do I buy those disc organizers I've seen on golf carts?

It replaces your bag, and looks cleaner in my opinion...

Any help would be appreciated
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Originally Posted by Shreddedcoconut View Post
How can you hate on a cart? You only get one body in this life. The better you treat it the longer it will last. Hopefully for you your brain is bigger than your pride.
Says the guy with a Grip bag as his avatar, lol....just messing with ya

I have no hate for carts though, and will probably use one in 20 years when I get to grandmaster age, and if we've got a large group a cooler cart is crucial.

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I have a request for a cart/ stroller up in the marketplace right now. I have three different bags I use right now and it all depends on the situation. The NutSac is good enough for most of the 1-1 1/2 hour rounds that I play many times a week. The Crunch Box is good for most leagues or "serious" rounds with friends. I break out the Carolina for tournaments. However, I have been to several big courses where some kind of contraption would have been ideal. In fact, three of these courses actually have golf carts that can be rented.

Also, on those days I bring my kids along, lugging around their bags, toys, snacks, drinks, etc when they get tired does throw a lot of extra weight on me. My kids are not players, but I try to get them involved. This often means that at some point during the round they lose interest, which includes carrying their bags. A cart or stroller may enable them to act like this more, but at least it makes it easier for me to carry stuff around.

It is going to come down to "to each his/her own."
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Originally Posted by who-dat View Post
Says the guy with a Grip bag as his avatar, lol....just messing with ya

I have no hate for carts though, and will probably use one in 20 years when I get to grandmaster age, and if we've got a large group a cooler cart is crucial.
Haha Thats why I got the grip in the first place. Duffel bags arent good for your shoulders. Doesnt matter how you wear 'em!

If I take my 1 month old out this summer. Def the stroller for me.
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Default Bagger

It seemed the more discs I added to my bag the more my back ached at the end of a round. Forget trying to carry any extra stuff like an umbrella, chair, jacket, water, etc. So I've been looking at pull-carts, etc. I found some pretty cool looking carts but didnt want to spend $200.00.
I bought a rolling backpack for $20.00 & used that for a while. It took all the weight off my back as hoped & I was able to carry a bunch of stuff & just wheel it around! But it wasnt built very sturdy & the wheels were too small! Anything but smooth terrain and it felt like I was dragging the bag around. I realised I needed bigger wheels! Here's my new cart:

Got it for $33.00 + shipping on eBay!
I picked this model because it has a fold-out chair built in:

Holds many discs! It's wide enough at the bottom so I ordered another accordian divider. Now I can carry even more discs!

Not much auxilary storage space so I attached a Ching bag to hold my mini-marker & pencil, etc. The handle is comfortable & sturdy looking. The 'bag' is tall so for now I've got the front edge turned down to gain access to the discs. I'm going to cut it down on the sides later & angle it back to get more clearance. There is a draw-string incorporated into the top edge that could be used as a rain shield if I do it correctly:

I put some closed-cell foam inside this little storage compartment to add some comfort to my back when seated. This may change back to storage space later:

The tires are a hard but grippy plastic. They feel hollow but they are not air-filled. I should be able to attach an umbrella to the cart with some velcro straps if I need to. I super-glued the little black plastic feet to the frame so they would stay put.
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