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Agreed with most here, 'how far' isn't as important as 'how straight' right now...the distance will come if you continue to work on form.

Kudo's though, for getting a head start. Looks like you won't start playing the game for another 3 months....? Seriously, how long you been playing?
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You don't give any indication of your age. The normal distance (not the freak of nature extremes) for a 10-12 year old is very different from a 16-18 year old.

Regardless, focus on consistency and accuracy not distance. I've been chasing distance for awhile now and all it was doing was frustrating me and taking away the fun so I've resolved to work accuracy this year.

BTW - I notice you've been playing -0.4 years.
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If his username is any indication he is 10-11 years old.

Distance is for young guys anyway, control is for MASTERS! When your body ages and your power fades, it all comes back to technique and accuracy. ESPECIALLY putting!

I'm 32 years old and I hit 350' on 90% power. I am so tired of seeing everybody say they throw 400'+, I seem to have pretty good power but I can't hit that D. But I keep up with a lot of those guys just fine because my approach game is on point. They may be 100' away from the basket after their drive, but I can park it just as well from 170' where I ended up.

But I almost never throw 100% b/c of the loss of accuracy. Only at Old Settler's Park where the fairways are a mile wide and the holes are just as long!

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From your other thread, you say you're getting 180' from your Beast.

I meant to reply back to your other thread after realizing you were younger than I initially thought but got busy. Give us something to work with, and you'll get better answers.
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I'm 15 and throw it about 300 consistently, and accurately.
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But really Don't focus on Distance kid and focus on putting and consistency in the fairway and approaches.
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if possible, try to use understable fairway drivers such as leopards in the low 160's or even 150 class for driving. use your putter for as many shots as possible and try to avoid pulling out your drivers when making an upshot. Do that and you will learn how to manipulate the flight of frisbees in general, not just golf discs. Once you can control and tweak the flight of light, understable plastic move up to something more neutral.
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First, welcome to DGCR, and watch out for trolls!
My sister could throw '120 with an Ultimate disc when she was 10. Can you throw better than a girl?

I met an 11 yo in Boise who could throw about '150-'175 consistently with decent accuracy. He would bogey every hole, but that still put him way above anyone else his age I saw playing.

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Originally Posted by Monkeypaws View Post
Mid-range or putter?
10 m brick
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Internet distance...
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