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How about this clip?


It seems that timing is pretty crucial. The best shots, easily, are the ones with the camera flying at about the same speed and direction as the disc.
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Originally Posted by prerube View Post
It is operational and has been used, just not advertised publically.
I just meant instead of messing around on DGCR to settle things, he could well be working on this stuff in real life!
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Originally Posted by Dave242 View Post
Noise is a big hurdle that needs to be overcome if the camera is to be anywhere near the competitors. With that hurdle overcome, there are a ton of scenarios where I could see it doing an amazing job at bringing coverage to the next level.
Two Words...............

Blue Thunder.
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from the 'cool news from the pdga' thread re: tv coverage:

Originally Posted by digital View Post
i wonder if flyboy's fancy remote controlled plane cam will be put to use for these televised events?
that would be pretty sweet
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Originally Posted by WhiteyBear View Post
The PGA does an excellent job with it's footage, and has a much higher speed and distance to deal with than we'll ever reach throwing an object. Their "follow-cameras" on blimps can zoom in on a ball after it is struck and follow the entire course of it's flight. There is also a "ball tracker" that highlights the flight of the ball and it's trajectory. The heli-cam can do neither with disc golf. It is a cool angle, a nice additional piece of the puzzle, but it will not revolutionize the game. Suspended cable cameras would be a much better option, but the underlying problem is cost, placement, and interference with the flight. You are better to set up high cranes with nice cameras and follow holes in specific locations.

Again, lastly, it's awesome piece of tech, but it's def not something that's going to cause an explosion in disc golf. You need more cameras and strategy than just that.
Agreed those work well for golf, but aren't those pretty big ticket items? and don't the spend a lot of time and money setting some of that stuff up? The kind that networks don't mind paying because you can sell ball golf for commercial airtime? I just can't see DG's popularity blossoming to the point where real $$$ is spent covering it. Maybe that stuff's not as expensive as I think.

I think the gyro copter and other methods may revolutionize the way the game is captured on film (so to speak)... perhaps even the way the game is covered for the media (or perhaps not). I hope no one here thinks it's going to create a boom in the popularity of the game itself - ain't happening . It's already been growing on it's own at a pretty healthy rate for about a decade now. I don't see photographic techniques changing that one way or the other.

Now if the game starts to get mainstream network coverage (even ESPN), I think that might cause an upsurge in popularity- but I don't foresee much in the way of mainstream coverage. They're gonna cover what sports thae can generate $$$$ from, and DG ain't that.

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So smooth.
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Yeah it was pretty solid for some of the USDGC footage.
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cool video. camera moves way! too slow. hard to follow the disc flight if you are not an avid disc video viewer.....that came out really dumb, it's early....
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I am by no means a videographer, and am doing my best to be a amateur disc golfer, lol. With that said, I am not trying to make aerial video mainstream. I just want some cool videos of me and my friends on the course. My entire setup costs less than $400. It is a toy, first and foremost, and I enjoy the hell out of it. It is wicked fun to fly, and will pull off some pretty sick aerobatics. I can get about 15 minutes out of each battery and should be able to do a complete 18 hole course flyover with 3 batteries. I want to fly each hole at a given course, in the optimal flight path of a disc, to give viewers a good idea of how a particular course could be thrown. This will never replace other forms of video for events, but it could provide some GREAT clips to be used for promotions and highlight reels.

As far as noise goes, as long as I am more than 30 feet away from anyone, they wont notice it that much, if at all. I don't plan to fly remotely close to anyone, simply for liability reasons. I have practiced flying over a person teeing off and following the disc down the fairway, and they did not say anything about being distracted.

In any case, this should be an interesting season.

Originally Posted by WhiteyBear View Post
Pretty cool video, you need to install an attachment that can grab your buddies beers while they are turned away.
YES, that would be AWESOME! Unfortunately, my quad would not have the power to pick up a beer, at least not one full enough to justify taking, lol.
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It's a pretty cool vid, I liked it.
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