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Originally Posted by AndyJB View Post
This brings me to a point I raised earlier...because MVP is a smaller company and (I assume) it costs them more to produce discs, I wonder if they are releasing them before they are 100 percent ready because they know we will buy them, and rather than throw them away, they release them at 90 percent consistency or whatever....its an economics t hing, maybe?

Which makes me wonder why no company (like Innova or Discraft...big companies) donates their factoryseconds (the really bad ones, not the ones they can sell as F2's) to third world countries? Bet they could get some sweet tax breaks for that...
So the mongolians can play disc golf while wearing their 49'ers Super Bowl 47 Champion Shirts and hats?
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Why would they donate plastic when they can just regrind it and use it again?
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I was able to take a Shock out today for the first time. The course that I went to only has holes that go out to 275-300, so I was only getting ~3/4 of the flight out of it, but my initial impressions are positive. It flew absolutely laser straight with my (beginner) forehand throw. It seems to have just about no high speed turn and a less pronounced low speed fade than my Volts.

I was able to thread a few needles on the back 9, as well as nail a few trees with velocity that would wreck base plastic drivers. As always, the outermold shows nary a scratch.

I'll hold off on final judgement of the disc until I can get it on some courses where I can more fully utilize it, but I enjoyed my round with it today.
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Just received a Shock in the mail this week. Can't wait to take it out for a few throws. It is a little muddy right now.
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Played a round today and threw my two shocks. First throw I knew they were going in the bag for sure. I threw a stock stamp Stormtrooper 174g and a Lime Green Skulboy/ZAM 170g. Honestly, they flew almost exactly the same for me. On the front nine, I had a stiff tailwind and the Shock performed excellently. Throwing with about 300 foot of power (about 80 percent for me) they stayed fairly straight, with a pretty noticeable fade. I noticed though, that for me the fade was pretty similar to a Volt. Same degree of fade, but the Shock was a little less forward penetrating. The 170g had a bit more turn out of the gate but I think that and the fade issue may be because of my throwing style and a bit of OAT.

When I hit the back 9, however, I was facing a gnarly headwind and some crosswinds as well. The Shock did not do well with that wind. I'm really bad at judging windspeed, but it was strong enough that really the only driver I could throw was my Destroyer, and my Ions were having trouble on approaches. Almost every Fairway shot I threw the Shock and the Volt. While I was able to control the Volt (sacrificing distance, of course) the Shock was pretty squirrely. I did turn one into am amazing roller...it turned and burned about 100 feet out but it caught an edge and rolled dead straight and hit the pole...first time in all my years of playing that I did that. Even though it was an accident, it was still really cool! I think with more work on hyzer angles, I'll be able to control it into the wind, but for now I'll stick with my Teebizzles for headwind Fairway shots.

I'm going to try to film some tester footage for InfiniteDiscs here soon and Ill post it here as well.
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I'm liking my Shock. For me, it flies like my Z XS.

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I should be receiving my Shocks on Tuesday or Wednesday. The Amps I got are just what I expected, and was happy to see how well they glide. The Amps have a good bit of turn but they straighten out nicely with little fade. I'm hoping the Shocks make a nice compliment to the Amps.
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Originally Posted by NoahChristopher View Post
I'm hoping the Shocks make a nice compliment to the Amps.
I'm hoping for this too. The volt does fly different, but not by much.
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Any idea what the speed on the shock is going to be? I'm hoping PD like
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mine should be here tomorrow or tuesday i will post pictures if anyone wants to see the profile angles and stuff before buying one.
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