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^All disc will turn right at a certain speed when released flat. Isn't that generally how we define understable?
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Originally Posted by Will Burke View Post
More stable means more stable because all disc are understable.
Compared to what?

At a certain speed (which differs disc to disc) its high speed stability is less and less until its flying understable.
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Originally Posted by Dave242 View Post
Interesting. You believe that using "More Stable" to mean "More Overstable" is the old school way? I thought the other way around as it seems all the old timers I know are the opposite.......and it is mainly the newer players that use it that way.

I am also wondering (as I mentioned upthread) how much of a regional thing this whole thing is.

Both Toro71 and I are from Charlotte (I moved to IL 4.5 years ago). It was Jonathon Poole (of Innova) who explained discs flight terminology to me to begin with (in 2000).

I do not play with other people in IL, but have played some league action in Milwaukee and the guys I have discussed and bought discs from there are older school (Terry Miller & Mark Peterson)....and I do not remember them talking about discs differently than I do.
Didn't realize you were originally from Crown Town, nice. I've noticed, living here, as a transplant city, I've heard people use both 'versions' of 'stable.' The guy that really turned me on to DG, in fact, when I asked a stability question, was careful to basically tell me 'it depends on who you ask' and then answered my question in specifics, and avoided "stable," "more stable," etc.

This is Innova country, fo sho. A couple of the Innova guys here went to my HS. They have a presence in CDGC, etc. My guess is that CLT is a "stable=straight" town because of this.
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In Michigan, stable means overstable, on the whole. It's varies somewhat, and usually I'll ask if they mean "Comet stable" or "Nuke OS" stable.

When I talk to people I say neutral for something like a Comet or S-FD or I say how much turn and how heavy it fades when thrown a certain distance - and whether it needs a lot of room to work - and the tactile sensation of the plastic against my fingertips - all of this so they kinda know WTF I'm talking about.
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I have no problem with this discrepancy particulary when compared to people who root for a disc to "turn turn turn," when they mean "fade fade fade". Also when people yell at a disc to come back after it has already been fading
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