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Old 03-05-2013, 05:07 PM
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RHBH Avenger SS from any of them. The River is making a solid push for that slot (finally), but isn't quite there yet. Give me a week.
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Old 03-05-2013, 05:23 PM
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Red Tee: Short-Wizard, Long-Roc
Blue Tee: Short-Roc, Long-Teebird
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Old 03-05-2013, 05:49 PM
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Red tee - Pin A 218 ft (3): Challenger on an anny.
Red Tee - Pin B 285 ft (3): Beast thrown flat, let it fade left.

Blue tee - Pin A 280 ft (3): Beat DX Leo, thrown a bit to the left so it has the room it needs to turn right and get me close without going in the trees.
Blue tee - Pin B 349 ft (3): Champ Archon or R-Pro Boss thrown flat.
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Old 03-05-2013, 05:54 PM
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wiz buzzz
buzzz firebird
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Old 03-05-2013, 06:56 PM
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Vulcan from all of them
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Old 03-05-2013, 10:28 PM
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I love this hole, it is one of my favorites! It really doesn't mater which disc you throw, just one that works for you to accomplish either a smooth, low anny to settle next to the pin for a birdie on the A pin. Or, a nice low S flight that anny's and then a slight hyzer, long to the B pin. Rollers on this hole tend to cruise out to the left, or mack into one of the guardian trees at the entrance to the green. If you miss the window and hyzer (or roll) out to the left, the trees and schule can be tough to get through and there are many 4's (and 5's) taken on this "short" hole. Drives that are left too short, mean an aggressive approach to either the A or B pin, which can translate into a disc in the creek!

Side story, the "grotto" where the green is located is quite the beauty, a grassy area, surrounded by trees and the literal, babbling brook. The first week that this course was open, I was playing a round and came to hole #3. There was a wedding set up in the grotto! Complete with rows of chairs for the guests, a lattice archway with greenery and flowers adorning it, a small altar and standing candelabra's! It's that beautiful of a setting. Seeing all this, I simply picked up my disc and moved on to hole 4.
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Old 03-06-2013, 12:00 AM
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Short: Ibex on a little anny
Long: Champ Archon
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Old 03-06-2013, 10:40 AM
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Red A - Wizard anny
Red B - Buzzz anny
Blue A - Buzzz anny
Blue B - Teebird flex shot
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Old 03-07-2013, 01:36 AM
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probably just a roc on a high anny and try to keep it clean.
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Old 03-07-2013, 04:26 PM
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I think I played the blue tee and the long pin, and threw a beat roc when I played. Now I might try a comet roller.
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