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teemkey: Make sense. That is what I am trying to do. My disc sure go far if I get somewhat right (Volt/Amp up to around 330 or so) but my problem is consistency. I think I get my upper body pretty good (just need to work on relaxing the forearm more and work on pinching the disc at last minute), but I think I need to work on bracing myself better (i.e. clean rotation along the spinal axis, not tipping forward) and well timed weight forward.

One area I am not fully clear is on hips. If you see Paige/Nikko/GG/Cale at Flyboy videos at YouTube "ProdigyDiscs". Paige's hips reminds me of like baseball swing. Cale and Nikko are bit similar and GG seems to have very little hip movement. So I guess those subtle hip movement variation does not matter as long it is timed right (i.e. slamming left shoulder and hip into rotation).
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Sorry about that; coulda sworn it was working.

In case it doesn't work again

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Thanks! Played a round today and had a few really nice throws, but being on my toes threw off my timing some. I broke down my video frame by frame and found many problems. Weight transfer one of them. My front shoulder was too high, which is part of the weight not being transferred properly and bad form, lol. Another major issue I see is the complete lack of ANY elbow chop. I plant and swing, rounding. After comparing videos, and watching beatos pec drill again, I am not getting any elbow chop once my plant foot lands. Also, I take a giant last step, which doesnt help my timing as my hips open a little early....

My check list to work on:
Shorter plant step, which will hopefully help correct timing issues and my front shoulder being too high and nose up issues....
Slow down my reachback and try to get elbow chop into the motion, this way I will release over my lead leg/shoulder instead of my left pec like I am now...

I will work on these things and come post a new video if I see progress that needs to be evaluated. Thanks again for the help!
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Sadly, I have had a bad run of things, with turning over everything, been working on it and just had no fix. I finally stumbled onto a breakthrough. I normally play a decently open course with a mix of woods and open. There is a heavily wooded course in town as well and I disced down to mid that I can shape lines with and the hammer drills finally clicked. I played my best two rounds at the wooded course and I was forced to do a standstill drive most of the course. When I went to the open course after my league play, I was able to park a 340-350 ft hole from a standstill. Snap is finally clicking and I may just stay with a standstill and slowly incorporate the runup if i feel comfortable. All the videos I have watched and studied and really its just feel that clicked. Something I could not get from videos. I hope to build off of this and keep it going. Also, I stay very loose and dont use my arm,except for the hit/snap. So weird for the disc to sling out so hard when I use no arm. I plan on adding a video soon to see if i am on the right track. thanks all
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