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Most clubs/leagues have had the same people playing for years. Most people are hesitant when someone new signs up, but if you show up a few times, people will start welcoming you in. At least that's the way it seems to me.
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Originally Posted by Prafeston View Post
When I first started playing I only had a few friends that really played and they never wanted to play as much as I did, so this meant I was on the course by myself. The good think about playing alone is that you are faster than the groups. So one of the first times I was on the course I caught up to a group of local pros and when they said I could play through I just asked if I could hang with them and try to pick up some things as I was a new player and could use all the help I could get. After a couple rounds with those guys I was seeing lines and throws I had never thought of or seen before. Maybe I just got lucky with some guys that didn't mind letting a new person into the group, but I'd say go out by your self and see how you can't catch up to...watch them as you are getting closer and closer and see if they look like they are any good. If they seem like they know what they are doing see if they don't mind you hanging with them the rest of the round.
couldnt agree more with this. i play single a lot and if i come up on a small group(2-3) or single that I observe are good ill ask to just join up with them.Always more fun to play with other.
I dont ask to join groups of 4 or more unless i see there are more big groups in front of them that will jam me up if i try to pass the first big group. those days I just join into the big group, have a smoke on every teepad and know that its gonna be a 3 hour round.
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Guess I should consider myself lucky, I have had great experiences in League/Club play and even the majority of the tourneys I have entered and played. Lots of good people, open and friendly, and even willing to help out with advice when asked. I found League/Club play to be the most relaxed setting, as it is random doubles and you get paired up with someone new almost every week. Also chill enough to ask questions, seek advice and even heckle one another from time to time. Very happy I took the plunge.

Same goes for the majority of tourneys, from charity events to ice bowls, to sanctioned PDGA events. Only encountered one semi-rule nazi/passive aggressive gomer who felt the need to point out every rule (real or made up) in his mind to others in the group, but didn't call anything until he was behind in the 2nd round. Oh well, they can't all be cool and the gang right?
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wow, lots of good info scattered in here. i have only been throwing since DEC 2012. playing at the course since Jan. and i asked the pro shop my first time playing my local course what was the deal and there was 2 guys behind me that said " hey join us" and i usually play with them on sat morning, i was about as good as both of them right out the gate so now i am beating them by 2-3 strokes. i usually show up solo during the week and ask a 2-3some if i can join in and have yet to turned away. I do not smoke pot while i play(it kills my game) and i get asked by damn near every group i play with but once i tell them i dont and the reason they are cool with it. i even go as far as to bring some edibles to hand out and my group loves me! i am not sure if i am just a special case as i picked up the game really quick and not gonna lie i have joined up with a group of really good players that i could tell were reluctant to let me play with but once they say me thow they were good with it and all round long we all shared throwing lines on different holes.
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Originally Posted by MrDarkHorse View Post
...The first mini I played in, other players seemed reluctant to be around me. (one of the guys in my group confided that they probably thought I was a cop)

You Texans really need a new governor. Rick Perry is making you paranoid.

I turned to the other group waiting and said apologetically "sorry, I'm gonna wait out this gust" to which the guy in front responded sternly "watch your time".

This is where a person with good communication skills would have said, "Its OK. By the rules you have at least 30 seconds once you address your disc".
In '91 I raced on a mt. bike team for the shop I worked at. We knew all the other teams and members, rode practice rides with them and cheered each other while we raced side by side.
In '92, the # of people at the race doubled, and all the newcomers were manufacturer-sponsored, grim-faced OCD types who were more likely to yell "get your bike off the trail!" while you were still in the air during a crash.
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I've been playing a year. I suppose I've been lucky that pretty much everyone I've met from our local scene has been pretty friendly. Sure, some people are standoff-ish, some are outright jackasses, but overall I'm happy with the reception I've received. My best advice is just write off the folks who don't show an interest in being friendly and key in on those who are.

About the drug/alcohol use...meh...it's part of the culture. I don't smoke and seldom drink, but I don't generally care if others do. I do think, though, that it's not doing the sport any favors towards growth.
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Originally Posted by MrDarkHorse View Post
Yeah I guess my biggest problem is that I'm actually the best person I know. There are a couple friends I introduced that can mostly hang with me, but I don't have anyone to learn from.
Honestly I would guess this might be your problem. Plus from reading your first paragraph it might seem that your waiting for others to approach you. You have to understand that in alot of settings where everyone else is comfortable and knows everyone and your the new guy you have to approach people and join convos at the right time or else your the weirdo. Sometimes it is hard to open up to a group of new people, I for one played 11 different leagues last year, I would say I went alone 4 times where I barely knew the other peoples names before. I even went to a random dubbs league in Illinois with my GF that we found on here and had a good time. So basically I am saying you might be a little sensative or expecting too much out of the others when you need to step up to the plate.
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