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Originally Posted by GordEzo View Post
So , just wondering if u could give me 6 or 7 numbers for the lotto this weekend , or be able to tell me where my River flew to ?
14, 16, 36, 47, 55, and 6. Oh and your river is just past where that stalker went. Keep going but look a little more to the right than you were. Id say another 30 foot past and about 15 foot to the right. Should be right there. You're welcome.
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must have left my pink tangent somewhere at bryant today.. i stayed out of the woods all day so im sure its loooong gone.
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Originally Posted by bvarley View Post
It was more likely his zip code, but not sure why someone would put that on a disc. But that's the zip code of The Colony, TX. about 30 miles from mesquite
So I guess its a keeper? I made the effort, i don't feel so bad now..and got me a new eagle in my bag.
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I lost my Ti Buzzz playing a safari hole at Wolf Pen Creek in CS,TX yesterday. It flew in the thickest yaupon thicket i have ever seen. I've looked twice and I don't think I have a shot at finding it until winter comes and the leaves fall off. Saddest part: it has my second ace on it.
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Lost my Champ Sidewinder at Kure beach DGC (NC) on Monday, got a text today from a guy that said he had found it. Told him thanks for the text and that I obviously can't throw it right so go ahead and keep it if he wanted it. He told me that he had lost his only two drivers today on the same course and thanks. Karma worked out for him today I guess ,and for all of the discs I have found, either without ink or no one answering texts, it was the least I could do
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At Maple Hill today I sent my brand new Obex into a pond during the second round of today's birdie bash on hole #1

I did put my name and number on it so hopefully I'll get a call soon!
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Left my super swirly pain on the fox hill fliers course a couple days ago, i reached in my bag to grab it yesterday and realized it wasn't there. Anybody finds it i would love it back.
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I lost my JLS at Mathews Park on hole 1 last Tuesday. I looked for it at doubles last Wednesday, to no avail. Tonight at doubles I got at the park early to get in some practice. Decided to look for the disc in the pond. I couldn't find it, but found a KC pro Cheetah with name and number. Was walking back to the pavilion when someone told they had found my JLS. While walking to his vehicle to get my disc, he noticed the Cheetah in my hand. He had been searching for it for several hours with his Golden Retriever, but couldn't find it, but found my disc, among others. So it was a win-win, as we both got our discs back. Too bad I couldn't putt tonight at doubles.
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My son threw his River into the lake yesterday. He promptly stripped down to his boxers, walked up to his waist, bent over, and pulled it right back. We were a six-some, and we all applauded.
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Lost my favorite discraft ESP force. 171 ESP orange at Beverly park in Michigan. Had my old phone number on it. It was my forehand bomber. Pretty open hole I was just practicing distance and the headwind pushed it over the hill. I looked for about an hr. no luck...sucks if someone walked off with it while I was looking in the weeds.
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