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I am guilty of discrete alcohol consuming. At least 80% of the time im not playing a tournament or a skins match, i have a beverage (while golfing, not all day lol) I agree with you, it is a bit silly to leave them in the parks trash bins. Its better than littering for sure, but a little plastic grocery sack would be super easy to carry around with you. I may start doing that.

Luckily, i play half my rounds at a very nice private course that has a liquor license and has beer on site. Im spoiled.
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I agree with the OP and at least being discrete about it and not filling up park trash cans. But at least this major concern is with a liquid legal to an adult, rather than an illegal plant.
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Unless the park or owner of the property has explicitly posted against alcohol, the real issue is the litter.

Trashy people do trashy things. As a player, the best thing you can do is set the example. Toss a couple trash bags in your DG bag, and when you see cans, pick them up.

Also, post this at the course...and mean it:

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Originally Posted by 1978 View Post
We've heard similar sentiment in Charlotte, however, check around the parking lot of a softball tournament. They don't even attempt to try and get them in a trashcan, yet you dont hear about this from the park department.
Gotta wonder if the parks department tends to overlook the softball players because they're paying to be there, and they are on a schedule. The park knows when they'll be there and when they'll be done and can send a crew in to clean up right afterwards and make it look like they weren't there. In other words, it might be a "problem" but it's one that can be contained and taken care of relatively easily.

On the other hand, disc golfers are playing every day, all day, and aside from occasional tournaments which require a permit and use fee, there's no money coming to the park from the disc golfers. From that perspective, I can see where the parks department might target the disc golfers as a "problem" while overlooking similar behaviors from softball players or other park users.
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I have my doubts that anything will be very effective. Even if the course is pulled, the guilty players probably won't care nearly as much as some others.

But if the course has a kiosk/message board, perhaps a sign can be put up. Pull no punches: "This course may be closed due to violation of No Alcohol laws. Please help us avoid this." The sign could be subtle and point out that beer cans in trash cans have drawn the attention of authorities, with the hope that the discreet consumers will read between the lines and carry out their cans. Or perhaps be open and say, "If you must consume alcohol in violation of the law, please at least take the evidence with you when you leave."
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Originally Posted by BuzzSharpe View Post
The issue is indiscreet alcohol consumption on the courses and filling the trash cans with beer cans.

Your chuckers use the trash cans? If only ours here were that considerate. I've filled two kitchen size bags with their crap off the course in the last two days and still haven't reached about five holes.

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That's why you carry mixed drinks in a nalgene bottle. It's discreet and you leave no litter behind.
Drinking in public 101.
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catalysts for change.....

Is publicly reprimanding this bad behavior gonna win friends, no. Will it win you a popularity contest, no.
Are you a jerk for doing it? NO, you are being helpful. But you will probably NOT do it because it takes courage.
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Causing someone pain is helpful?
Let's agree to disagree.
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A cautionary tale:

A local course recently has seen a dramatic increase in policing due to a perceived alcohol consumption issue. Public intoxication citations have been given out. Worse, the park now has a dedicated officer that shadows our league players, hiding in an out of the way area (with clear lines of sight to much of the park) with binoculars. He swoops in and tickets at the drop of a hat.

Even worse, they're seeing that because this place has no public restrooms, certain wooded areas are used as such (due to alcohol consumption or not). They are cracking down on this as well.

Any sort of increased scrutiny by law enforcement that puts disc golf in the cross hairs is bad business. Be careful of your behavior, keep things discreet and on the DL (or don't do them to begin with) or risk having your course patrolled or pulled.
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