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Originally Posted by dysmike View Post
The only time a flashlight comes out is to pick through cactus, or check for snakes. Even then, red works better than white.
Definitely use either Red headlamps or flashlights, and only if they are absolutely needed. UV flashlights are also really good for this, and they charge glow discs exponentially better.

I use LEDs on my discs because I have played glow rounds where the moonlight or nearby streetlights would make the glow disc disappear into the milky colored/looking ground. I have done this so much that I don't feel comfortable with glow discs anymore because the LEDs are so easy and effective. I still like the course pitch black with no lights on the baskets. If I think it might be an issue, I will wrap extra layers of tape over the LED on my disc to attenuate the amount of light that you can see from it.
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Originally Posted by heartman View Post
get some LEDs for discs and glow sticks for the baskets and to line fairways

set up 9 short holes

for every beer you finish during the round, you get a stroke off your score

i wish this was real life.
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I use these on my basket at home

Also remember that the players in the other groups can be very difficult to see if they are not wearing LEDs or glow bracelets.
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At the glow events I've been to almost everyone uses an LED on the disc not glow discs. The glow discs just don't stay bright for the whole round and recharging them is worse for night vision than the LEDs. The LEDs also can be used to provide a little bit of light for the walking

They also put the lights on top of the baskets inside a pipe so it only shines down not into your eyes.
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Lots of good points made already, but I can toss my $.02 in as well as I just started doing GLOW rounds this year.

* The darker the better IMO, your eyes will adjust after a few minutes and even the darkest night in a forest you will be able to see. Only thing that should be lit up is the basket itself.
* Glow sticks, bracelets, etc... work pretty good on the basket. I picked up a small flashlight with a carabiner on it to hang inside the basket and it works great. We just send whomever finished last on the previous hole down to hook up the light.
* LED's rock, tried glow discs for a while but they wear off a little too quick and can be hard to find, especially on a full moon. Red LED lights work like a champ, easy to see and does not hurt your night vision.
* Buy a UV LED flashlight and use that to charge discs and also guide you around the course. The UV light does not blind you like a normal flashlight, just a nice black light to help you walk the course when needed.

GLOW rounds are a blast and the course is generally empty so you get it mostly to yourself. Have a good time!
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Originally Posted by New013 View Post
When we do glow dubs we sometimes put those LED light sticks on the poles for people who aren't used to playing glow or aren't as familiar with the course. However when we go out for casual rounds we just play it straight up and honestly I prefer it that way. I like the challenge of playing the hole based on feel and memory.
I've never played a glow round where the basket is illuminated. I too enjoy that aspect of it.
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