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Very nice to pratice is a field with bales on it. You can drive an approach from bale to bale, shape lines around bales. Downside is that bales usually don't stay too long on a field...

And please - if you do that ask the farmer before you run around on his field!
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Personally, I have a variety of practice locations.

But I don't have a net. I wish I did. I agree with the O.P. that a net can be a valuable tool for working on mechanics. I've also found and used them at tournaments, to loosen up without having to chase down my discs.

A few places, I've found a steep grassy hill next to flat ground that I can throw into, with almost the same result. Though it probably looks odd, ripping discs full speed right into the ground.
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Originally Posted by Dan Ensor View Post
I know a lot of people like football fields, or soccer fields, or pretty much anywhere else you can go have a nice wide-open space to chuck discs. Where do you go, and why do you go there?

I started out going to a football field mostly; the measurements already being there was nice. It's usually mowed (even in the off-season). Mine has concrete behind both end zones (a long jump runway and a high jump pad).

Recently, though, I discovered a net batting cage. It is AWESOME!!! 600+ throws in 2 hours; where else can you do that? It's a tunnel shot that doesn't wreck your discs if you miss. Decent footing everywhere ... just everything I ever wanted out of a practice spot. Other than being able to tell where your disc would have gone (how far, how much fade, etc.), but that doesn't matter that much, right?
I want to throw on a golf driving range. I drive past one all the time, and think "That'd be awesome"

I normally do field work at a soccer complex in a park. Multiple soccer fields, for limitless distance in all directions. Great for really working on distance, since there is zero shot of losing a disc.
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Usually use the field next to the 9 down the street from me, but as my distance improves, that's becoming less of an option. There's a playground right at the end of the field (about 320'), and now that I can actually rip out to 360'ish, it's becoming hairy. Still a great spot to work with mids and putters, though. Sheboygan has a flag football field that is GREAT for lettin' em fly. All marked out with lots of extra space at both ends...I just wish it wasn't a 15 minute drive.
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4 places for drives - any of the local parks with football fields/soccer fields. we have a bunch of them, all within maybe a 2-3 minute drive. i drive because you never know who is going to be playing on them and then have to go to one of the other ones.

local 9-holer, garlough. great for practicing throwing from a standstill/approaching, since all but two of these are really just more like long approaches than full holes.

practice basket at the same place for putting.

i'm going to be a little discouraged during the winter, though. i think i'm going to try and find one of those indoor soccer complexes and see if they will let me throw.
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football field
my yard
my basement
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Never done any "field work"... I have talked about it a bunch and think that it would be great but just end up heading to a course and playing some casual rounds. I am going to start doing it at some point, mostly to try and get the gf to go with me. I think it would be easier to try and show her a few things there when she isn't worried about her score for her round.

It has been easier not thinking of doing field work since I haven't bought a new mold for my bag since last summer so I have learned my discs pretty well.

I do have my Discatcher sport in the backyard for some short approaches and putting.
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Originally Posted by Dan Ensor View Post
I know a lot of people like football fields, or soccer fields, or pretty much anywhere else you can go have a nice wide-open space to chuck discs. Where do you go, and why do you go there?
When I bought a house last summer, it was across the street from the elementary school (noticed that - kids will walk - nice! two playgrounds, nice!). I'm not sure if I noticed at the time, or absorbed the consequences, but I'm even closer to its big multi-purpose athletic field.

Throwing on the diagonal (which maybe has an elevation change of as much as ten feet, not too bad) the distance is maybe 350 feet or 375 feet downhill, with a nice parking lot for a tee pad. Maybe 325 uphill before you get to the parking lot. For me, for now, that's long enough. Hopefully some day I'll outgrow it for drives.

I putt in my front yard, where the city conveniently has a street light. Not huge elevation changes, but I can get maybe five feet by putting from the road. Sometimes I'll approach from the school fields across the street. Neither the fields or the street are very busy when I'm around (they get a certain number of after school athletic practices, but it's not too disruptive of my schedule).

I sometimes drag my basket across the street (Costco version of the InStep) to practice longer approaches.

What's it missing? Eventually, 400+ feet of length. And options for big uphills and downhills (but who has those?). It's also short on natural obstacles for practicing guarded drives, approaches, etc.

Otherwise, on the course, I practice mostly at Rogers Lakewood. Maybe two miles from my house.

I also appreciate practicing on courses with easier birdie chances, holes where it feels like I _should_ be scoring birdies instead of just working hard to maybe have a chance.

So, I sometimes play at nearby park-style courses (9 at Hawthorne, 18 at Purdue North Central) to work on that piece of my game (accurate drives, accurate mid-length shots, etc.).
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Out my front door into my horse pasture.
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