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I look forward to recieving the magazine each quarter. Does it have shortcomings, probably, but compared to the other disc golf magazines out there it is stellar. I would love to see more pics of the courses and less of the same top pros, but just my take. I agree that the history articles are cool and the juliana article was nice.
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There are other disc golf magazines out there?
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Originally Posted by bcr123psu View Post
There are other disc golf magazines out there?
No. That's why the PDGA magazine is so much better. It's hard to not be the best when there is no competition.
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Sorry to offend you Duchess, by expressing my opinion on a product that I pay for. I guess I should be happy I got the magazine at all, as that was something the last magazine I paid for had issues even getting that right.
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I'm not offended. I simply expressed my opinion about you expressing your opinion.
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There were several great articles this time. The Juliana interview was excellent. The La Mirada article was informative and interesting. I believe the magazine is getting better as time goes on. The regular feature on design is fun to read and the in depth interviews and researched articles have stood out to me for the past couple of issues.

I don't care so much about the tour coverage when they just list who came out where, but some of the first hand accounts can be interesting. I'd like to see more emphasis on that then on who showed up and how they placed.

Overall though, I'm seeing improvement.
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I'm easily amused, thus, I enjoy the heck out of the mag. Mine just came in the mail today and I haven't even pulled it out of the plastic, yet.
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As far as magazines go I'd put the PDGA one squarely in the middle of the pack. I don't really care for the tournament coverage stuff (though the ones where they write a few pages are good - I'm talking about the ones where they just show pictures and the top three finishers for some of the non-huge events), but the instruction is okay, the Houck articles are good, etc.

Squarely in the middle. It's not awesome, but it's not crap either.

I do remember that the first one I looked at. A guy gave me a stack of three or four. The first one I read started off in the Letter from the Editor saying "I am deeply pumped about this issue" or something...

Deeply pumped.

Uhm, yeah.

P.S. The most recent issue with the crazy hair guy on the cover was one of the best ones. I haven't gotten to the difficult-to-read article yet, but I did notice the incorrect page order on the USDGC article.
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Originally Posted by AikoAdam View Post
I saw a pic of roman korol
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They couldn't put a better picture of Paige Pierce on the front cover? Talk about unflattering.
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