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Originally Posted by Connorl View Post
Recently I set out to become a better putter and have been putting in a lot of time and practice every day in an attempt to improve my skill and get a better 'feel' for what is comfortable for me. I feel like I am a very good putter but when I am playing rounds I am a timid putter and struggle with confidence on the green. The most frustrating part are the putts that I make over 80% of the time in practice coming up short during a round.

Any tips would be appreciated on dealing with anxiety while putting and also tips on how to be an overall more confident putter.
Without reading any other replies.

I have this same problem, what helps me is I picture me attempting the putt from where I practice. For example, I first practiced in an apartment. It had a 35' hallway from my living room to the bedroom. So I putt straight most times. When I am playing and have a putt that is open but has trees on either side of the opening I think back to putting in my hallway and it helps.
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Alright, I just want to come back in and say what advice has really been helping me:

-Focusing on the pole (or a single chain link)

-trusting my body to know how to hit the putt (don't think about anything, just line up the same way you do in practice and bang it)

-Pre-putt routine, I keep it the exact same every single putt

-keeping the disc in line the whole way through the swing, and really focusing on good wrist extension and release. (Feeling the "pop")

thank you to everyone who had any words of advice. Now my problem is not hitting the putts but throwing off the tee. Been spraying it all over the place the last couple of rounds. Early release, grip lock, too low, you name it, its been everywhere but where i want it
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Originally Posted by OregonDG420 View Post
stick to one mold and one plastic
And stick to your style! The more muscle memory you build the better!!!!
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I focus on one chain rather than the whole basket,and I try to hit that one chain
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There is really only one way to be a confident putter. You must make putts.

Who are the most confident putters? Those who make the most putts.

No technique or head game or psychobabble can make you confident if you putt poorly. We can only lie to ourselves so much before the truth takes over.

Since most of us are not naturally gifted in this most difficult task of putting the way we develop confidence is through practice. With practice our competency improves and our confidence follows it.

You may seek for the secret holy grail of putting all you wish. It ain't there. You won't find it except through making yourself a good putter.
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Pressure - It's what's for dinner.

The only putting practice that helps me is putting practice that recreates the pressure of putting in an actual game. What I do is take two putters and take 5 steps from my basket. If I make both, I move out to 6 steps. If I miss one, I move forward to 4. If I miss both, I move forward to 3. Rinse and repeat. See if you can't make it out to 10 steps without missing - Then try 15.
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I too struggle with putting and am also a practice putting all american. Sometimes my releases are bad, sometimes I put too much spin. I Drive for show and putt for MO!
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The one thing that I haven't seen mentioned much here that really seemed to help me is to practice putts that you make frequently. It is amazing that when I know I will hit 90% of my 15-20 footers how many more of those 30-40 footers go in. I'm just not worried about 3-putting anymore so I stay looser during the putting motion. I also focus on one link and use the same breathing pattern each time.
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One thing that helped me was only using one or two putters when I practice. This made me focus and not just reach for the next putter when I missed. Another thing that helped me was progressive putting. I get about 15 feet away and then move back about three feet after I make it. You want to move around in practice, standing at 30 feet throwing over and over isn't going to help you because that's not what happens in a round. Putt from 30 then 15 then 25. This really helped change my putting game. And last but most important is the mental game. If you are a good putter then go to the coarse with that mindset. Don't second guess yourself. Step up and knock it down.
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Originally Posted by Connorl View Post
The most frustrating part are the putts that I make over 80% of the time in practice coming up short during a round.
Putt harder. When you aren't feeling confident in your putting, you are most likely going to be putting weak. Keep that in mind when lining up for that 25' putt. That's helped my game a lot!
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