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Don't float it, line drive at a chain link. Sure, when I miss metal I have another sometimes longer putt, but that doesn't happen too often.
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Originally Posted by joecoin View Post
Don't float it, line drive at a chain link.
That might work for you, but not for OP. And it doesn't work for Nikko Locastro and Ricky Wysocki, two of the best players in the game.

There is no right and wrong when you putt. Some guys straddle, or turbo, or spin, or push, or float, or line drive. Some have a looong pre-putt routine and some walk up and just bang the chains without thinking about it.

The best advice given here is to be comfortable in whatever you choose, and just start making putts. That's all there is to it.
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I always aim for the center pole. To heck with the chain links, if I hit the pole, I should land in the bottom of the basket.

Also, my stance changes with distance. My feet and shoulders are square with pin within 30 feet. As distance increases, I get more parallel with pin and draw more across the chest.
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Originally Posted by CrowLegs View Post
Along with weight transfer, balance is really important. I've missed some relatively easy putts because at the last second my stance felt "off" and my balance was not good. I should have reset, but stubbornly went on and missed the putt. Get comfortable, in an "athletic" posture (whatever that means to you).
This is key for my putts. I need to get my body low to feel in a balanced and "athletic" posture; very much a wrestling crouch.

Also significantly increased my accuracy with super-focused "putter vision". Once in my putting stance (crouch) my eyes don't deviate from the basket pole until the disc hits metal or earth...
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Do not take the disc off the line.
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It always helps me when my friends don't say "Steve Perry!"
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Routine. Once I developed a repeatable routine, my putting went through the roof (although that's not saying much).

I walk up pick a chain link, point my front foot at said chain link (just right of center, unless it's a straddle, then pole), three up and downs with my arm to flatten out the disc, and release. Almost identical every time. If I miss anywhere in the circle, it's usually because something in my routine was off. Or wind....dammit I hate wind.
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