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Bradford. Worst round ever, by far. Pretty much one good throw, hyzer flipped my new Avenger SS for a birdie on #10, but otherwise complete garbage. Throwing from places I've never been before. Planning Hornet's Nest tomorrow but, man, something's get to change. I guess a hangover could only help.
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Shot even at Hiller, which is decent for me, but my buddy lost his go-to EZ Buzzz in the water on hole #1, which rattled him just enough that I beat him by 2 strokes. I saw my opportunity and took it.
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Originally Posted by ohtobediscing View Post
Shot even at Hiller, which is decent for me, but my buddy lost his go-to EZ Buzzz in the water on hole #1, which rattled him just enough that I beat him by 2 strokes. I saw my opportunity and took it.
Reminds me of the time our club was playing Ript Revenge for Bag Tags. One of the guys gets a "don't use this disc for the rest of the round" cards and uses it on another member's "go-to" Buzzz. That was it. One of out best guys got thrashed because he couldn't use that one Buzzz. He has 6 Buzzz's in his bag, but goes down in flames 'cause he can't use his favorite one.
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Default First Round of 2014

Shot even par on Knobley Mt. DGC, which is about 2.5 throws worse than my average. However, it was almost pitch black and I just played with an Glow Aviar Putter that I haven't thrown in years. And my only light was a UV flashlight. I didn't bother lighting the baskets for just one round. So, I'd say that this was a pretty good start to 2014 for me.
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The New Year brought new hopes of improvement. I threw a +7, which is about average. BUT, the pins were long, and it would have been a +4, or +3 if they were short. My putting was good, but not perfect. Drives were decent, but I did slam into an early tree on a late hole.

The worst part was the stage fright that occurred from playing with three new players, who I didn't know. I got a little uncomfortable, and ended up making throws that I'd not usually make if playing alone.

Either way, it was a beautiful day, so I can't complain.
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We play our New Year's Day fun tourney at Winton Woods, which was actually built in 1978. So deuces galore when the wind is calm like today. I was lucky enough to take Intermediate with a 44+46. A couple of Open players fought for the win: the course record 36 wasn't enough to beat the champ's 37+37.

I know...easy course, but a fun way to start the year. 116 players, 5 aces. Welcome, 2014!
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My first round of the year was at a new local course. The temp was about 42 degrees, which isn't bad. However, the wind was a constant 20-24 mph. On top of that, it was very muddy; busted my butt and slid down a hill on my new Grip, UG! I chalked it up to practice.
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Like crap! Played 2 rounds and between the 2 rounds I was about 4 under par. Shoulda just stayed in and watched football like I had planned. lol
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Played in Truckee, CA yesterday with my son. Icy teepads and slippery footing but played one of my best rounds ever......and my second ace ever on hole #2!! Hyzer line around a tree about 250' , landed about 25-30 ft right of the basket and skipped right in! 167 Champion Tern. It's my second ace in 63 days, both with Terns.
I was -4 after the first 3 holes but missed a bunch of birdie putts and 2 bogeys & finished at -3.
Great day in the mountains and what a start to the New Year!

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Not too bad today. I played Walden Park at lunch and shot -3 (9 holes). Best score ever at that course for me. I birdied #2, #6, and #7. On #2 I managed a pretty straight shot with a Roc3 that left me with a shortish putt, not exactly parked, but not too bad. On #6 I threw a relatively straight, high shot that faded into the trees and got knocked down right next to the basket. On #7 I threw the best roller of my life and parked it 5 feet from the basket in front of a witness, no less. The guy (another DGer) who saw my roller actually came up to me and asked me how I did it. I had to admit to the guy that it was the best roller I ever threw in my life, but I showed him how I did it anyway (what type of disc I used, the angle, the amount of spin, etc...). To quote Ice Cube, "I got to say it was a good day".
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