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Total Rounds Played: 164
Total Holes Played: 1844
Total Distance Covered: 109.28 Miles
Total Shots: 5912
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Here's my stats for 2013:
159 rounds, 2711 holes, 7980 shots (avg 52.98/round, 2.94/hole), 3 aces, 138.14 miles, best round -10

This is just singles rounds and does not include the doubles league that I play every week, so there's a lot more throwing not included in the stats.

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Mine are not as impressive but I just started using the scorebook. I'll get back to you nexr year
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Rounds Played - 58

Holes Played - 983

Distance Covered - 55.38 miles

Total Shots - 2675

I have been playing a lot longer than these numbers reflect and recently started recording all of my rounds.
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I had a backlog of 5 months of scores to enter and finally got around to it.

My totals for 2013:
Rounds: 182
Holes: 3,304
Throws: 10,975
Total Length of Holes: 212.59 miles

Rounds: 609
Holes: 10,682
Throws: 34,803
Total Length of Holes: 645.13 miles

Fun Stats:
Average Holes per Round: 17.54
Average Length per Round: 1.06 miles
Average Length per Hole: 318.88 feet
Average Shots per Hole: 3.26
Average Distance per Throw: 97.87 feet

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Joshmo how many aces?
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My rating is 916. I got out of the habit of recording my scores. I've been playing a lot of doubles lately.
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Originally Posted by mutteriwiritys View Post
Joshmo how many aces?
2 in 2013, a month apart with the same disc. I had 3 in 2012 (one was a jump putt ). And that doesn't count the ace race where I had 3 as well. It took 5 years to get my first one. I am good with 2 a year now.
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Estimated Rating: 927
Rounds: 527
Holes: 6,625
Shots: 18,777 (10 aces)
Total Length of Holes: 308.04 Miles (way short, I know)

Stats/Quants are absolutely addicting to me. I didn't start getting serious about DG until around 2006, and didn't start recording my scores until the Fall of 2009. But I've recorded every round since September 2009 on DGCR, and it really helps me to see how I perform on different types of holes/courses at different times of the year.

The most addicting stat to me though? Courses played. I had played 65 different courses as of 12/31/2012, and decided to dedicate 2013 to getting that number up to a more-respectable (crack-addict, lol) level. 86 courses later, I'm now sitting at 151 courses played across 18 States. Gonna try and get over 200 by the end of 2014 if I can...but the more you get, the more time-consuming and expensive it becomes. i.e. I don't have any courses left to play within ~90 minutes of home. But anytime I have to go anywhere "outside the circle?" My discs are in-tow. And much to the chagrin of my family, friends, co-workers, etc., I always seem to find a way to sneak 2-3 rounds in those other cities.

98% of the appeal of DGCR to me is the stats/quants. Absolutely phenomenal! I only wish every player would record most/all of their rounds, so we could get some absolutely outstanding data on all our courses out there that we play.
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Serious stat addict here. Played (bagged, really) seven courses in seven states on a five day trip to see my folks in Texas between Christmas & New Years.

17,112 holes, 897.17 miles, 50,448 shots, 141 courses in 17 states, and hadn't picked up a golf disc until age 50 back in September, 2011.

I 'cheat' a little, often throwing two sets of discs as if they were two players, on my home course, when no one else is waiting...so there are times when I've thrown more shots than seems possible. But the practice has helped me feel comfortable moving from Rec to Advanced Masters, and everywhere in between. Even played in the inaugural disc golf event in the senior Olympics last summer. Hoping to attend Am Worlds this July.

But mostly, I love the flight of a well-thrown disc, and I'm just OCD enough to record all my scores here. I can see why some folks don't, but for me, the feedback is helpful. Charts and stats that come with premium membership are the second best reason to join. The road trip planner has been invaluable, now that I have zero courses within a 60 mile radius unplayed.
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