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Well ... it was yesterday, but I threw 75 putts from 24 feet and hit 68% of them. Kind of curious what that jives with compared to everyone else.

On the plus, within 15 feet feels like a gimmie now.
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.......In some furious wind; 20mph gusting to 30.

I hit a couple of unexpected deuces on approach with my Wasp which helped. On one approach of about 150 ft., the disc went higher than I meant but then stalled, broke left and crashed into the chains! I ended up finishing one under par for 18 on a sunny, 55 degree, windy day. I'll take it!
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-4, and bogey free in the snow. All 4 birdies were on the front 9, so the back got a little boring and routine...
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I ended up with +1 today at Pier Park in North Portland
Also got a slow motion video of me hitting a putt from about
25' away. Got to test out my homemade birdie beads
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Like s#@t!!! Shot 3 over at oak grove and then 3 over at sylmar too. And I started my round at sylmar with 2 birds! Some days.
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Originally Posted by adamtheviking5 View Post
Like s#@t!!! Shot 3 over at oak grove and then 3 over at sylmar too. And I started my round at sylmar with 2 birds! Some days.
Maybe you should try some pink discs.
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yesterday after work i threw 9 holes out at channahan longs. i was crushin with the uncharacteristic absence of the wind. i was probably 1 down with two 4's and i managed to hit the number plate on 7.

im gonna try to throw 2day but im going to have to bring the shovel again after last nights fresh dump. this winters a b*tch.
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Finished in the money in our random draw doubles (A and B pools) again today. That's the 3rd time in the last couple months. I actually played very well and carried my "A" partner through the front nine. Feels good to contribute. My game is definitely growing and my distance is really picking up now. Where I used to throw drivers I'm having to switch to my mids, and where I was throwing mids I'm having to switch to my putters. That has taken a while to get used to but it feels better now. Can't wait till it gets a little warmer and we don't get snow every stinking week so I can get out and play on a more consistent basis.
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Shot a hot for the day doubles round of 39 in the second round of a dubz tourney to break the course record by two. Beat Innova sponsored Jay Dore's team and tied with soon to be sponsored Tyler Grady on the day to take home about three jackson's after expenses. First round my partner played virtually alone (I sucked) to shoot a 7-. Then round two I started going first on every shot and I caught fire shooting a 12 down on my own and getting help from him on three holes to get to 15! Felt really good to shoot the best round of the day against the very best Maine has to offer (minus Nick gagne the other innova sponsored pro up here)

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Well, it was supposed to warm up (50) and rain most of the day, so I was going to give the sloshy mud a pass. But a friend wanted to go out to AJ Jolly, so I re-checked the weather, which now said the rain was holding off. Turns out we hooked up with a larger group of friends, the temps rose to the high 50's, and the sun actually peeked out. I was able to loop around twice and stay within a couple strokes of par both times.

Now for the weirdness and the drama. Found a beautiful white goose laying dead near the 3rd basket on our first loop. Decided it was some park creature's meal tonight, so let the dead bird lie. The second time round, we were following a nice enough group of guys who were clearly enjoying the weather and some libations, because they stuffed the dead goose IN the basket there. They actually decided as we played through that they might have thought twice about that...

The drama came immediately after. This is a nice sized lake, and the ice was melting. The geese were congregating by the dozens about a thousand feet out. That was enough to send a family dog from the left side of the lake into a goose chasing frenzy. His (her?) owners called frantically to have him come back, but he managed to go in at a soft part of the ice. He struggled for minutes while we all wondered what could be done. Think about it: dog breaks ice, people can't get out 1000' to save him.

When we saw one of his owners tiptoeing out about 50' onto the ice , we tried to wave the kid back, and called emergency services for help or advice. Put on hold (!?). The owner finally realized how dangerous it was, and started back to shore, after which the dog (who had pretty much stopped scrambling in the icy water, and was just hanging on there), started to try clawing his way out again...

...and succeeded!

The dog had been in icy water for 7-10 minutes, but shivered his way back to shore, we all applauded, and then the emergency crew arrived, saw the situation had resolved itself, and left.

I guess the moral is, either KNOW your dog will stop (even chasing geese) when called, or leash the critter. Don't need any near tragedy becoming a real one!
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