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when i play doubles, play to your strengths, have a strategy, but really try to have fun. If you are playing with someone who is better than you, try to get some tips, watch how they throw and try and get an understanding from their technique or something. If you think you're not that good at bombing long drives, practice your accurate drives/approaches, putts, and get out of trouble shots. Communication is key and develops good teamwork.
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Originally Posted by zrxchris View Post
Also in singles tourneys I never do better the second round on the same course, most guys I see do better the 2nd round. I'm either the same or worse.
I think there's at least 2 things that can be the major cause of this. One is fitness level. If you get a bit fatigued easier than most, it can kill control.

The other is mental game, and relates to expectations. If you come into the tourney with too high expectations, and 'disappoint' yourself in the first round, and sort of get that dark cloud between the ears, that can hurt the second round.
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When I first started playing DG doubles helped me improve my game much more than singles. In doubles I usually had a better player as a partner. The better partner taught me:
Where to stand
How to throw
What lines to look for
When to lay up
When to go for it
Proper etiquette
Where to place my mini
When to talk
Pace of play
Rules infractions
Foot faults
When it was my turn to throw
In other words, all the little things that make me a better player/partner!

In singles, I am on my own to figure out all this stuff
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If you're playing smart with a good partner, you should be alternately going for long upshots or laying up, going for the basket off the tee or shooting for a landing spot for an easy birdie, and putting going for it or shooting it safer. You learn all these shots and know your range and your strong shots to play wiser in singles by playing the high percentage shot (or at least the one that results in less strokes!)
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I was going to say, I learned a ton the first time I played doubles. I was easily the least experienced player there (it was only my third round ever) and my partner let me putt first on every hole and gave me friendly pointers here and there about my game. It ended up being one of the most helpful rounds I have ever shot for my game.
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When I get a new or lower skill level player as my partner I always let them throw first on every shot. That helps them with getting more practice and helps with the stress of not having to make a big putt or shot. I also always tell them on drives to just practice keeping it in the fairway and that 70% power in the fairway is better then 100% in the woods. Then when it comes to putts I tell them to always run it and not to be scared. I would rather them miss high or to the side then in the ground 5 feet before the basket.

The one scenario I switch this up is when there is a danger at running something like a big downhill putt. Then I say that whoever wants to run it goes first. That way if they miss the second can lay up. But if the first runs and still hits basket it becomes two chances to run at it.

IMO the more experienced players should always be looking out for what helps the new players out. This will encourage them to come back more and eventually become one of the good players, only adding to the success of your league.
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Sometimes when I'm putting first and it's like a fifteen to twenty footer I like to miss and get my partner a little pressure putt to can. Little confidence booster opportunity.
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