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Default Pitch putt/ Arc putting issues

Im having some problems with my putting. I recently switched over to pitch putting from spin putting. Ive always seen people get that perfectly flat glide thats goes up and comes straight down into the chains. I can go 95% from 20ft away but anywhere beyond that i loose all consistentcy. It will either hyzer out left or ill over adjust to the hyzer right. Does anyone know what i am doing to make it hyzer out. Every decent player ive seen that pitch putts can throw an arc path without any right-left movement from 30ft out and even some jump putters that can fo from even further. Id like my putts to be flat and travel that arc line. Why do mine always get a quick fade? Is it too much spin, not enough? Any ideas would be great.
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What's the weight on your putter? I had trouble with longish putts until I got something heavier.
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Have you tried getting the nose angle down? I find when I want a higher arc to get over an obstacle or if there is danger just beyond the basket, exagerating my nose angle down helps to get high up and down in a hurry.
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when you pop it out of your hand, flip it out flat. it's pretty much that simple. lotta people use a little anny to get a longer straight S, but i kinda like flat myself.
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Im currently throwing a 174 prodigy pa1.
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Are you staggered or straddled?

I can do either but I love to pitch straddled and I'm pretty good from up to about 35-40 feet. Here's a few of my tricks.

Pop the disc near the end. Like tossing a pizza pie.
For longer distance reach back between your legs.
Spring your fingers. Like flicking water from your fingers.
Try aiming at the apex of your arc.
Breath out slow as you lower your disc slowly. When you get to the bottom snap it up. Don't try to go down and then back up in one motion.

Practice. No matter what you do it'll take a bit of time. I went through about a dozen variations and now I've got about 3 kinds of pitch putting I do and I'm trying to work on my spin putt for the windy days.
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This may sound dumb, but a hyzer putt isn't necessarily the worst thing ever. Maybe that just comes more natural for you. I pitch putt, and when my putting is at its best, they do have a slight hyzer. You can still be quite accurate with a slight right to left fade. Just something to think about.
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Agreed. Some hyzer isn't bad. I have poor posture so my right shoulder is rolled forward. It rotates your wrist inward more therefore causing me to putt with hyzer. If i try not to and roll my wrist back outward it's super awkward, I lose spin and finger spring and my putts wobble. Just do what feels good as long as it is within reason.

Personally I putt strong enough that I get no fade inside 30 and that is with some hyzer', you may be putting an unnecessary amount of loft on the putt too. Pa1 is fairly overstable so too much air time without much spin will cause that.

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My guess is that you're fading out early because you don't have enough speed on the putt or the apex of your arc is too high. Hard to say without seeing video, but I see people make these mistakes with the pitch putt.

Bfowler gave a lot of good advice and I wanted to expand on the "spring your fingers" part. This is one of those "hidden" techniques that often gets glossed over when you watch youtube videos of the pros doing pitch putting clinics, but it's actually really important. If you're using a standard fan grip for putting, then the your fingers are the last thing to touch the disc. They are going to transfer, to the disc, all of the power you've built up with the rest of your putting motion. So if your grip is too soft at the moment of release, you're not going to successfully transfer that energy and your putt will either be too slow, wobbly or lacking spin.

You'll want to keep a relaxed, but firm hold on the putter all the way through the putting motion until right before the release. Then squeeze down hard between your thumb and your middle finger, ring finger and pinkie. This ejects the disc with a lot of pace and also imparts quite a bit of spin. It's the reason people like Wysocki have these effortless looking pitch putts from 40+ feet out; they're not losing any energy, all of it is being transferred into the disc.

I would also recommend putting on a slight hyzer angle if you're not already. Putting with a flat or anhyzer angle will cause you to lose power.
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