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It could also be a 501c 7 or 19.
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I keep trying to get onto the collectors exchange one and my requests just never get approved. Is that one not active anymore or something?
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Originally Posted by whitefedora View Post
It could also be a 501c 7 or 19.
False. While a 501c 7 or 19 is exempt from paying taxes, donations to them are not deductible on the donors return.
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The local VA has a course here in my area, ive donated a lot to them over the years. Unsure if you have something similar in your area.. worth a look. Nothing like giving back to the military men and women of M'erica!!
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I usually get rid of my extras here or trade with local acquaintances. I just tried the FB thing for the first time last week. Dude won a disc from me for a steal (10/10 Stormtrooper Axis for $12 shipped). Claimed he sent the paypal (I never got it), I told him and he canceled the payment then blocked me and never resent $ (he said he was going to resend from his buddy's computer the next day). I kept in constant communication with him until I got blocked.

Waited a week, relisted it here along with another disc, and sold both within 5 hours ($30 shipped for both).

I feel like there are more trustworthy people around here and the pricing is fair.
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Originally Posted by skizzle34 View Post
Its the struggle man. I have tried everything from selling lots to selling pretty much new discs for $10 shipped. Everybody just wants to trade or get an insane deal.
exactly. it's funny to watch items 8/10 sit at 11$. people are greedy, but don't give in and lower your prices just to move items unless you need. you know your value, stick to it.

i prefer to sell here or on FB. the prospect of ebay is a little daunting for me and i have nothing collectible so i doubt they'd move fast.

if i'm selling in lots though? oh man; i get a big shoebox and MOVE those things. i sold 7 or 8 wizards, can't remember which, for 45$ just the other week. bottom line is i want'em GONE and i want some cash.
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Thanks for all the responses.

To answer one persons question none of these have been in the bag or will go back in the bag. Most are discs that I have won in our league, bought cause they were new and wanted to try them out, or just don't throw anymore. My bag has been pretty stable for the last 2 seasons now. And I am keeping multiple back ups for each disc for the rotating process.

Overall it seems that I had the right feeling, and that's that there isn't a good way to get rid of all of them. I guess I'll just have to set up shop at the top of my course on the busy days and try to sell some off. The other problem that I have is that there is pretty much nothing that I want. I already have 1-3 back ups for pretty much every disc in my bag.
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You could donate a stack to your local club as well.
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Easiest way is let me know what your selling haha, honestly the forums on here are good as long as your not trying I make a profit.
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I've sold over $700 worth of stuff in the past 6 months on Facebook auctions. Go where the money and the crazy people are. I mean, $25 for a Vibram mini??? I love it!!!!
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