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So there I was, 2 over with 6 holes left after just paring a hole I usually boge. I had three birdies already and 4 of the next 6 holes I've birdied before. My best game at the course before was +4 (I'm nothing if not inconsistent), and I was feeling pretty good. The hole I was coming up to was a short 190 ft dog leg right that I can pretty consistently get a good look at bird on. My forehand sailed high on me and I clip a tree that knocks me into the woods. I still have a lane however to save my par shot to hook around from the right. I hit the lane with my putter, leaving me with a very makeable 15 ft put. I missed. A bogie on the next hole and double bogie to follow getting stuck in the woods left me at 6 over for the day. I'm still happy with how I played though, overall. I've only ever parred 1 course in my life, I only have a chance to play about once a week most weeks, so I'm not winning any tournaments any time soon.
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yesterday played Sky High course, shot a +4, which is my personal best, that course is tough. i would have been E or even under if i hadnt had got 2 doubles, but for a treacherous 27 hole course, +4 is good for me.
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Played 35 (four 9's in a row)at my home course. Out of the four my best score was +2; which I believe is my personal best for ANY course I've played. All together had some beautiful drives, decent putts, and wasn't in the trees too much
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Originally Posted by Broken Shoulder View Post
Standing by the tee for hole 10 at Kaposia today, I got drilled square in the back of the head by someone's errant drive on 9. A star Xcal, specifically, on a 185 foot hole. I had no idea it was coming.
I'll have you know that I remained on my feet and I shed not a single tear. I finished the round though I do have a nice bump there now.

Perhaps though, I have a concussion? How else can I explain seven birdies, a six, and three fives? It was an up and down day, but I'm glad I got to play kaposia one more time before the Majestic.
thats some bull****. i almost got hit at BRP 2 days ago. some dude grip locked his throw. we werent sure if the people behind us were already throwing, but they were all chuckers and couldnt have made it the 500 ft out we were. didnt hear a fore and the disc hit first about 10 feet away from me. at least yell fore.
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thats why i carry a big ass knife with me and cut errant thrown discs in half
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I could tell they didn't know the course and felt terrible. I did remind them to give a fore when they can't see where the disc is heading. Truth be told it probably would have hit my fiancι in the face had my head not been in the way, so there's that.
It was definitely an accident, he obviously wasn't a DB, and the worst was avoided, so whatever.
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Played the best I have played in quite some time. Really had a great time even though I only had time for 13 holes.
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Played Madeline Bertrand today there a 54 an 56 twice I'm really starting to improve my drives on accuracy. My putting is also really coming around quite satisfied with my self
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I didn't play yet today... I'm still recovering from Sunday... open air bar at the beginning and mid course and a bowl of cheerios for breakfast wasn't the best combo...

therefore I went to the Dam where I lost my new bright yellow disc in the woods last Thursday and there it was 8 feet up in a grapevine covered branch... how did I ever miss it 8 feet up surrounded by big green leaves tinted yellow as the sun set?

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Was +10 at my home course today, muggy dirty sweaty and tired didn't have me playing so hot..
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