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We now have a video of a guy posting a cubby ace on a 105 foot hole at Loudon Park in Loudon, TN.

I'll reserve all opinions other than saying there it is. And congrats, maybe?
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So I was on vacation down in the Charleston area and made a point to sneak in a visit to a course each day i was there. The third day in (round #107 overall) hole 9 no less, but I finally got on the board. Threw my roc with a bit of anny to hit the gap and allow it to fade back. Felt good out of the hand....excitement growing...will it....SMASH. Much rejoicing. It was a short hole, but it was exciting none the less. Now that I'm back home I'm figuring out where to mount the disc on the wall. BTW - I must say walking off the tee with an ace on the last hole just erased all angst from an otherwise meh day. All was well with the world.

Haut Gap #9 - 187':

Then on my last day there I hit up trophy lakes. I had been saving that course till late in the week as I was sore from a bunch of other non-dg related festivities and didn't want to send too many discs swimming (sadly I left 1 behind anyways). On #13 (sweet hole btw) they have a sunken basket @ 282' where the primary obstacle is a very tight double mando right off the tee. The shot is otherwise fairly routine. I was mostly focused on getting a hyzer flip to hit the mando and figured I'd be able to clean up wherever I ended. The shot was exactly what I wanted - hyzer flip, slight turn, fade back with a skip. Although you can see the pin it is hard to get a good view as it was very dark. I just saw the skip towards the pin and figured I had it parked and walked away happy. The rest of the group tees off and shoot their upshots. I go to find my disc....and cant. WTF? It was right of the bush (that guards the left of the pin) and couldn't have skipped that far. Then my brother calls me a lucky ^&#$%^&....there is my roadrunner....just chilling in the basket. It was very odd...without seeing it going in and hearing the chains it just wasn't quite the same. I was definitely excited about it and its a sweet hole to ace........but no smash.....so anticlimactic.

Trophy Lakes #13:

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Lame but whatever, ace is an ace

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Ace #6! Hole #15 at UW Whitewater, WI. 215 feet with a Destroyer. Same hole I aced last time (about a month ago). I was amazed to have such a decent round (-6) after a double bogey on hole #2.
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Last Wednesday I got hole #16L at Gillies Creek in league play and then on Saturday I got hole #8s at New Quarter Park in a singles seeding round for doubles play. It has been a while since I recorded an ace so I have to go on the number that was written on the discs in my bag. I recorded these as #154 & #155. Hole #16(250ft) was aced with a beat ESP Crank through the high gap and hole #8(200ft) was aced with a forehand flex shot with a Zone. It came in from the left side of the V tree that guards the basket.

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Earlier today played at Lakewood Dry Gulch (Paco Sanchez)for my first time. Ran into a guy, Brian I think. He said holes 9 and beyond were overgrown, so we played 1-8 & 21 twice for 18. Anyways hole 7 my second time throwing Flicked my star Tern out there FH into a head wind watched it driftback nicely and dive at the basket, slammed into the bottom and bounced out barely hit chains. Such an intense rush in probably my 12th round. Hooked. hope to join the ace party this year.
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Hit my second ace of 2014 and my second league ace of the year. It was hole 7 at South Park in Hutchinson, MN. Split the 29 dollar ace pool with another guy who hit 9 earlier in the round.
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Finally got my first ace today at Madeline Bertrand in Niles michigan. It was hole 5 only 182ft hole to the right but some wicked anhyzer on it couldn't see it any more turn around grab my bag an hear chains smash. My buddy was like it was floating up in the air forever. So happy to get that first ace out the way
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I hit my 3rd ace ever (and of the year!) at White Cedar last night!
Hole 12 is a newer hole, which plays across the ravine of the second half of old 12 long. About 250' straight across to the basket from the box, there is a pine tree covering up the left side, and about 70 feet from the basket there is a set of trees on the right. These really narrow the gap to hit.
I threw my watermelon crave on a hyzer just to the left of the basket, it flipped up, slightly over and rode straight into the basket.
Awesome night!!
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Elm Creek #17, 315' downhill. Envy Neutron 172. Flat throw and let it fade in, Heard it smash and sounded real good, stayed in this time!!!

Chained one out yesterday with the Envy also from 200'. Also had an Anode ace yesterday from 180'.

So back on track after literally 35-40 metal hits and no aces this year. Seriously like 10 chain outs, Was ridiculous.

Tally- 2. Off the schneid.
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