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Default my bag

I have been playing off and on for about a year now sometimes more consistently then others. I am looking for advice on discs whether i should find some new ones or just stick with what i have for now. haven't really paid close attention to my distances so they are rough estimates.

Innova champion monarch (171)
Innova star destroyer (169)
Gateway evolution Apache (170) trying to get from a buddy he let me test it out

those three I throw over 300' consistently

Innova dx teerex (175)
used for tomahawks and thumbers about 250'

Innova dx valkyrie (175) pretty beat up
discraft elite x cyclone (---)

found those 2 and don't throw them often don't have much control with them they tend to dive right and my distance is really short with them.


Discraft buzzz esp (168)
throw it around 200' usually don't max it out

Innova dx wolf (171)
that is beat in
150' to 200' range

usually use the buzzz


Innova dx Aviar (175)
Gateway supersoft Warlock (175)
gateway supersoft Wizard (175)

Aviar for longer approaches and when im in trees and stuff like that
as for the other 2 I just got the wizard and im trying to decide which i like better which so far i can't.
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Is there something you don't like about the Wizard or Warlock for approaching? I'd say try to trim it down to one putter mold if you can, but if you feel one putter is superior for putting and the other driving and approaching, 2 can work well too.

Sounds like that Wolf would be pretty flippy, not something that would see much use.

How beat up is the Cyclone? Listing 300' for your Destroyer distance and then saying you turn over the Valk and Cyclone leads me to believe you could be using off axis torque to achieve that 300' with the other drivers, or it could just be the Valk and Cyclone are too beat up. The Cyclone would be a very good disc for you to practice with and learn control on your drives if it's in good enough shape. If it is too beat up, I'd suggest a Gazelle, Cyclone, Star Leopard, Cheetah or similar to work with for a while, until you can get those as far as you get the Destroyer currently.

Most Destroyers are pretty difficult to throw until you can generate more power. They're very fast and depending on which kind you have, they can be overstable. The stable ones aren't good to try and throw unless you can get them over 400' consistently IMO.

What does the Monarch look like in it's flight when you throw it?

If you try to max out how far you can throw your buzz what happens?
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as far as the putters go i just recently got the wizard and the warlock so i am not entirely comfortable with them yet, and still trying to figure out what i like putting has been a little bit of an issue so i'm trying to improve that.

the cyclone isn't too bad probably around a 6/10. I probably just need to throw it some more to get used to it.
The valk is pretty much junk its down in the 3or4/10 range

the monarch as far as i know usually does what its supposed to. it turns right and then fades left as it slows down.

the buzzz flies straight almost always with a little fade at the end most of the time but not much, and it keeps the line most of the time if i put it on one.

I think i need to just go out to a football field or something and just throw, and get a better idea of my distances.
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Yes, definately go to a field and practice. For only playing a year, you have pretty fast drivers that you may want to pack away for a while. To really get good form, pick up a Leopard or Teebird and work to get those out past 300 feet, then move on to your faster drivers. Pick one of your putters and stick with it. I am a believer in using only one mold for putting.
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