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Default So Close and Yet .....

so very, very far. I teach vocal music at a Center for the Arts high school in Florida. We took a trip this year to Colorado to sing and see the sights. As part of our itinerary, I was able to add a trip to Beaver Ranch/Conifer to play disc golf and for the students to go hiking. We got to Colorado last Thursday and the weather was beautiful as we made our way to Colorado Springs. I was able to play the private Hewlett Packard course, and the public Cottonwood Creek courses in Colorado Springs while we were there. I loved both of those courses, but was really looking forward to experiencing Conifer and adding a top ten course to my resume. The weather took a turn for the worst yesterday, however as there was a lot of snow in the Denver area and the mountains as we went skiing. The high school students who had never seen snow, thought that it was about the coolest thing they had ever seen and the skiing was great.

This morning, we were planing to head for Conifer at about 6:15 a.m. so we could play and then make our flight back to Florida. We woke up this morning to a driving snow storm. Our bus driver was a little leery, but he was almost as anxious to try it out as well, after I introduced him to the sport while we were in Colorado Springs. (It is very cool to arrive at a course in a 56 passenger motor coach, by the way). We decided to go for it and make our way into the mountains. We weren't going to let a little snow take away from a great disc golf experience. As we got further and further into the mountains, the weather got worse and the snow got thicker and thicker. They put a chain law into effect, but on the mountain road up to Conifer, there really wasn't any place for the bus to pull over and put the chains on the tires. We continued without chains in spite of the alerts. There also wasn't any place for a bus to turn around and head back to Denver. We kept forging on and finally made it to Conifer. We even made it to the road to the park, however, looking down the curvy road downhill to the park, there was no way of knowing if the bus could make it down the road, and if the snow continued, could we make it back up the road to the highway. We could have actually walked to the first tee from where we were stopped looking down Foxton Road, but we couldn't have left the bus sitting there in the road. So we had to make the horribly painful decision to turn the other direction and get back on the road down the mountain and back to Denver.

I was within a half mile of getting to play Conifer, but the weather Gods were having none of it. I'm now sitting in the Denver airport waiting to head back to Florida. I guess I'll have to wait a little while longer to be able to play one of the top ten courses.

I really did want to see how the disc would fly during a heavy, driving snow storm. Oh well......
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Oh man that hurts... but you made the right decision.
I recently had to get back in my car and drive away from a top 10 course because I had another engagement. (thread - "The saddest disc golf story"). It's a hollow feeling, but in the end it was the right decision.
Keep up the good work by teaching and spreading disc golf to our youth.
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Yeah as I sit now the snow down here in Denver has melted off. Damn Colorado and its unpredictable weather. We go from 40-70 in two days it is ridiculous some times. I hope you are able to come back and play courses in beautiful Colorado. I have yet to play conifer but in the next few weeks I will play it for sure. I dont know of anyone here in Denver who was expecting to wake up to snow. Come on its April 27th for crying out loud. Oh well I have learned to play in just about anything...
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