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I humbly suggest the Teerex's slower cousin-Teebird!
great forehander- as is a Valk, no offense to either disc, just personal choice, also of late my Monarch has been quite straight as a forehander, its champ just wearing in.
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About as fast and less stable without being flippy, the Wraith.
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I started throwing just FH. Teerex is a prettty extreme disc to start with. Def think less overstable and/or slower would be the way to go. However, since he actually likes the Dx Teerex, neutral discs like teebird would probably just flip over on him in a heartbeat, so still need some speed/overstability to crank on with that sidearm snap.
Just as a point of reference, I drive FH with a 170g Pro Wraith. Not quite a teerex, but similar speed at least.

With all that in mind, here are some other good discs to try.

DX Viking- flys straight with a small, predictable fade at the end. Less S than a wraith. Champion version fades much harder at end of flight. This disc does not like to S curve.

Viper-still overstable, but slower. The more you beat it in, the straighter it will fly

Or perhaps an Orc or starfire

Keep in mind hes used to a dsic that has no High speed turnover, and significant amt of low speed fade, so the key should be replicating that in a lower speeds/lower fades, which should lead to a striaght flight. Many discs mentioned, like the Beast & Valkyrie all tend to S-curve due to turnover, which is not what he likes about the teerex, im guessing, so switching to a beast would be a totally different animal, methinks
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Get him a bunch of different type of discs from locals (used) and let him decide.
(open field throws)

Saves a lot of time and money.

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Default old t-bird

the straightest disc I have ever thrown was an old t-bird. Everything was faded away on it except for part of the word innova and at the top it said ultra long straight driver. I just purchased 10 brand new regular t-birds and am throwing nothing but them. If someone looked in my bag they would think "man this dude likes t-birds a little to much." second place is my number 4 driver by lightning. I gave my #4 to a pro to throw and he put so much on it that it curved to the right instead of finishing to the left.
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Originally Posted by BrotherDave View Post
About as fast and less stable without being flippy, the Wraith.
This or the orc if he has the arm speed, if not then the teebird.
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Like many others here I would suggest the Teebird. I also started with a TeeRex and throw RHFH. I started with that disc because a buddy gave it to me when I was just starting out. I switched back to the Teebird and have found it to be more consistent and almost as long off the tee. He might also have OAT issues and throwing a slower disc (Teebird) would help identify this problem.
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Send a message via AIM to fretgod321

get him an understable driver and have him use that until he develops the power needed to throw an overstable disc like the tee rex correctly
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