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Default Schusterick’s New Venture

Yesterday Will Schusterick announced the launch of https://www.discgolfinstruction.com/

This is taken from his announcement via Facebook

“Over the last several weeks I've been dropping hints about a long time project I've been working on. It's finally time for me to announce to the world, Disc Golf Instruction. The worlds FIRST membership based platform for Disc Golf that offers a systematic way to learn the game of disc golf the right way! It has taken several months of filming, scripting, editing, and revising and we can finally OFFICIALLY launch the first video series! I can guarantee this will be the highest quality teaching series anyone has ever laid their eyes on! Plus, there's more to come... Check out www.discgolfinstruction.com to become a member and view the first release!”

Reminds me of the “Tathata Golf” commercials I see on YouTube when I start a CCDG video. Not passing any kind of judgment, I might even spend the $8.99 to try it just out of curiosity. But I’m not sure on how the DG community will embrace a subscription service like this. But I’ve been surprised before I guess, never thought a monthly subscription surprise box would ever last more than a month or two.
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"the right way"

im not interested in people who think in terms of right and wrong

especially being that everyones body and physical structure is different

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As long as he doesnt teach putting, it will probably be fine. His driving clinics are second only to Feldbergs.
His putting video might be the worst putting tutorial a pro has ever given.
I wish him luck, I would have signed up when I was new.

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Feldberg always pumps the science of his stuff, for better or worse. I'll be interested to see more of this kind of this kind of enterprise emerge.
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"The Right Way" is correct thinking, as for every established activity there is a Platonic ideal for it's completion. The individual's task is adaptation of the real world reality, their body, their situation, their conditions, etc., to match as closely as possible that Platonic ideal. This is not to say that current knowledge is exhaustive, as the Fosbury Flop aptly demonstrated.

I wish him luck, as I believe he's actually entering the most difficult phase of his career.
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Originally Posted by elmexdela View Post
"the right way"

im not interested in people who think in terms of right and wrong

especially being that everyones body and physical structure is different
Point is valid; however, I think it comes down to what "right" means to him.
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Originally Posted by Noill Golf View Post
Point is valid; however, I think it comes down to what "right" means to him.
I think he's simply copying language that is common to how-to educational videos, especially those which involve complicated body mechanics. The phrase also operates as establishing his own authority as someone who knows and can do, and, at least as far as he is concerned, can teach it as well.

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Honestly it’s not a terrible idea, but he’s may not be the guy that I would want to be spearheading it.

If this were Feldburg, who has studied bio mechanics and things(as well as a longer period of success at the top) I would be more likely to look more into it.

Will is a great player, but the fact that he is most known for having glaring mechanical issues (valid injury driven ones sure) in a key part of his game, makes me pause.

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I just bought and watched the Shusterick beginner series video. I think it is worth $8.99 to beginners (myself included), but probably would not be worth much of anything to people who have already progressed beyond that point. If you already have your x-step dialed in and can consistently throw 300', you might want to wait for the next video. I have watched some of Feldberg's stuff too, and they have very different instructional styles. Shusterick is kind of modest and borderline nerdy, whereas Feldberg is very confident. I think they both are good teachers. People who are learning the game would do well to watch both of them.

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I just dropped the $9 to see the beginner's video. Seems to be a good production with clear instruction. Has better explanation than many instruction videos found on YouTube, so I see value in it.

I wonder how many videos are planned at the different levels (Beginner, Advanced, Pro). It could prove to be a good instructional series. The technical quality is good--he's obviously working to speak clearly, the text is rehearsed, lighting is good, camera work is good, and so forth.

As he's a better player than most and an experienced instructor, I reckon this effort is worth supporting.

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