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Best - I've always loved the name Wraith. The DX stamp is incredible too. Wish it was standard on production Star Wraiths.

Worst - Going to say Roach even though I love throwing my Big Z. This was an awful marketing mistake for such a good mold. They should have just renamed it the Luna & sat back to watch it be the best selling putter out there.

I dislike all of Dynamic's names. The whole legal system theme is just not my idea of cool.

Innova has so many great animal names like Shark, Wolf, Eagle etc.
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Originally Posted by Stable View Post

Innova has so many great animal names like Shark, Wolf, Eagle etc.
Wolf. Great name. Terrible disc lmao

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Best names: Boss, Nuke, Beast, Orc, Buzzz, Cannon, Octane, Mayhem, Surge, Destiny, King, Sword, Firestorm, Buzzz, Wasp, Punisher, Gladiator, Halo, Cutlass, Stiletto, Dagger, Musket, Pharaoh, Slayer, Wizard, Captain, Sheriff, Defender, Torrent, Tsunami, Hellfire, Outlaw, Scorpius, Vanish.

Worst names: Wombat, Kite, Foxbat, Wedge, Skeeter, Makani, Rat, Griffin, Cro, Bullfrog, Whale, Pig, Dart, Coupe, Hawg, Polecat, Wedge, Groove, Thrasher, Mantis, Vulture, Zombee, Flow, Beetle, Valley, Onyx, Ibex, Trak.

Innova seems to lead the way with really bad/stupid disc names.

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DGA's Hooker is by far ....the best name.

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Originally Posted by Suspect View Post
Love the Firebird name.

Hate the Compass name.
Now that you mention it, I don't really like 'Compass' or 'Explorer' names, either...
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Worst name is Wahoo, Sounds like sound one makes on an amusement ride. That and Impact, sounds like that OOP disc was made to hit trees and I use said mold. Stalker OOP sounds like a person stalking another either in a investigative or spy manor. Also stalking in a ex of any kind including business partner. Rubber Putter is also deceitful as some people who have never seen the mold in person or online think it will be a disc like the Viberam stuff, close in a rubbery plastic but not rubber.

Best is the modern system that Lighting (when a company) made for the discs as thy have the name of what the disc does and Stamp shows kind of what the disc is supposed to do from a power player but only on the amazing modern baseline plastic with duPont in it. The 2 flaws are 1. a premium plastic was not made or if it was it was way to late to catch up to the other companies and 2. The Lightening company did not make a disc faster then a speed 8 about that until 2008 or 2009 and when speed 11 discs came out Lightning with the slower speeds was getting left behind. Now the company is gone but I just hope that GGGT has kept its promise of making molds once a particular mold is all sold out.

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I remember Vibram's slogan for their new driver: "Just tell them you laced it." Then they named the US version the Unlace. What should I say?

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Never liked Roach.
Thought the Westside Pine was dumb... I don't want a disc named for a tree.

Quest AT had some of the worst names out there:
T-bone, Backbone, Double D...

But they also the 100m Lazer and 10m Brick.
Never thrown either of 'em, but loved the names.
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Wizard is hands down the best name. I really really wanted to love Wizards just for the name and awesome stamp options alone. Unfortunately, me and deep dish putters don't get along.

I do also really like most names in the Daredevil Discs line. Yeti, Sasquatch, and Big Foot are awesome distance driver names. Also really like some of their midrange names like Caribou, Moose, an Grizzly.

As for worst, Lightning Discs' are all pretty stupid. #1 Hyzer, #1 Flyer, etc. Never trust someone who names their products "#1 ___."

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