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Default Wizard selection help

I recently purchased an S Medium Wizard and was disappointed by how stiff it was and didn't like the bead on the rim that dug into my knuckle. I have heard and read that the Gateway discs vary a lot from run to run.

I am curious if there are any photos that you have of the profile of the disc to see what it looks like.

I have read so many great things about the Wizard that I'd like to consider giving it a try, but there is no place near me to actually feel the plastic before buying, Wash, DC

I have always putted with an Aviar P & A and sometimes with an APX. I don't like the feel of the Magnet (both the regular which is too stiff for me and the soft which was just too floppy). Can you give me equivalencies for the S Wizard series for firmness in other disc brands/plastics

Wizard Firm
Wizard Medium (felt similar to Dx plastic)
Wizard Soft
Wizard SSS (Is this like the soft Magnet?)

Thanks in advance.
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Gateway's runs are horribly inconsistent. I've literally felt SSS labeled discs that were slick and as firm as a champion disc, and vice versa. You cannot go by the labels.

That being said, here is my take based on the average experience I've had.

Soft - DX Aviar
Supersoft - Soft Magnet, maybe a bit more flex. Felt some R-Pro Aviars that were somewhat comparable, with some of the Aviars being more flexible than the average SS Wiz I've thrown
SSS - Blowfly in cold weather
Evo - Soft run of star plastic, sometimes more like FLX, sometimes more like a stiff star run

Every Wizard I've tried save some stiff Evo's have had very good grip, better than any other putter from other companies in a comparable plastic. This is one of the reasons I like them.
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First, if you didn't like the feeling of the bead or rim digging into your knuckle, then the wizard isn't going to be for you, period. Neither would the KC or JK Aviars, as they're both beaded. I would consider the Voodoo, which shares much of the Wizard's stability, but the bead is negligible.

On the topic of the plastic, Dynamic Discs' eBay and website have a plastic rating from 1-5 in their description, which attempts to explain how the plastic compares to others.

Lastly, if you're a newer player, the Wizard will probably be a better driving putter than it will be a putter. If you find that you wish your putts had more glide to them, grab up a Magic and see what you think.
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I would recommend a supersoft of some kind. Depends on what kind of feel you want as well. Most SSs have a slightly grippy chalky feel to them.

I don't know of anything in the immediate DC area but if you are willing to drive to Baltimore there is Disc Outfitters (http://www.discoutfitters.com). They are normally at Rockburn at least once a week and at local tourneys, next one is Druid Hill Open October 23rd. They have a great Gateway selection and you can check out a lot of different discs to find a few that feel right. If you send them an email they are usually willing to bring some extra stock if they have it so you can look through a whole stack. They normally have a vending sched on their website but I don't see it right now. Joel and Brian are great guys and I try to give them my business when I can, they are doing a lot for disc golf in MD.

edit: gotta second the vote for the magic. 'Tis indeed a magical disc. Glide city.
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i just got a "soft" that's stiffer than KC Pro Aviars.

i just order SS and hope it's in the S or SSS
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Get a SSS Magic. No bead & dead nuts straight. I have a 174g and a 150g. The 150 has a ridiculous amount of glide and works on pure finesse while the 174 is a great anhyzer putter. Try one out, you can find them at DiscGolfStation for like $8 shipped.
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Since the Wizard/Focus/Ridge are all pretty similar I suggest going for one of the other two.

Get a Discraft Focus (better run consistancy) or try out Vibram's Ridge (in xlink or Firm, only do soft if you really like floppy floppy floppy putters. I avoid gateway for the reason of their run issues. That and I really like my Ridge, it is a touch shorter but I'm more than okay with that. I understand and respect though that some people are totally fine sifting through Gateway's issues for the putters they love.

Also Dan Beto personally uses and suggests Green Focus's, Foci... whatever the plural is.
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Haze, the SuperSoft (SS) and SuperStupidSoft (SSS) are what you're looking for.

The SSS's start out the same as the SS plastic but break in faster and become more flexible with use. The SS's seem to stay fairly the same throughout their use.

What courses do you play near DC, i can probably bring you a sampling to try out?
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Originally Posted by crystal haze View Post
I recently purchased an S Medium Wizard and was disappointed by how stiff it was and didn't like the bead on the rim that dug into my knuckle. I have heard and read that the Gateway discs vary a lot from run to run.
I also really liked what I heard about the Wizard, but wasn't crazy about the bead. You may want to look into the Voodoo since it is basically a beat in Wizard without the bead. It is considerably more comfortable in my hand and still offers great flight.
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Send a message via AIM to xJFK

go for the magic. find an organic, or the SS chalky.. mmmm
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