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Low ceiling to me means I choose a faster mid rather than Roc/Comet style. 300' to me is pretty standard with a mid so I don't need one with extra glide or turn to help...this depends on your arm speed. So I'd rather throw a mid that won't drift right on me, but isn't so overstable that if I give it a touch of hyzer accidentally that it would drift left the whole flight. That to me means a Compass, I'd hit it hard and have it hit the ground at 300ish before it fades. That could be Buzzz, MD3, a mild Roc3, etc. depending on what you like.

If the hole gets to be at the far end of your mid throwing comfort range, then I'd be throwing something with a little more glide/turn and hyzer flipping it slightly so it carries longer and the fade is forward finishing, but that's a touchier shot and at 300' I don't need to do that.
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It would depend on the shape of the green.

Sloping towards the teepad = flip-up fairway driver (leopard) because its hard to overshoot.

Sloping away from teepad = flip-up midrange (dx roc3) to not fly past basket.

Sloping down right-to-left = flip-up midrange so you don't fade too early and flipping too much would cut back towards basket.

Sloping down left-to-right = more OS thrown on slight anny or straight so if it fades too early it hits hill and might cut back towards basket.

Flat ground = most comfortable shot or hedging against which obstacle in the fairway you are most likely to hit.

All about risk management and playing what you are comfortable with.
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Low ceiling and straight - I'm probably throwing a Roadrunner hyzerflip.

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Originally Posted by Keller View Post
I hyzer flip a Leopard.

I can't get a mid 300 ft on a low ceiling.
Originally Posted by sidewinder22 View Post
Low ceiling and straight - I'm probably throwing a Roadrunner hyzerflip.
I'll also go with hyzer flipping an understable fairway at about 50-70% power. Controllable power level, consistent hyzer release and don't require much height to get down the fairway.
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Star Stingray coming up WELL short, but best distance and accuracy option.


MJLS still probably coming up short, and less likely on the fairway, but a good option if feeling it.
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My 164g Z Undertaker. . no way i can get a mid 300ft on a low line

And on a low line my Undertaker will skip/glide a few extra feet on the ground. . a mid will stop much to fast for me

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I second the Under(wear)taker. I can't get a mid out that far yet so that or my DX thunderbird. And yeah, i like it when I can get that lazerbeam shot and it skips at the end.
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A QMS could fit the bill. Great HFlip disc.
A powered down leopard makes more sense.

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How low a ceiling are we talking? I could throw anything from a putter, so a flippy undertaker on a shot like that
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Slightly seasoned Roc, Meteor, Mako...

I want a dead neutral mid that I can rake hard and flat.
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