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Originally Posted by Twmccoy View Post
In my experience, flat drivers tend to be more overstable, glideless, and have a hard, dumpy late fade. Obviously there are exceptions here. Molds that are understable to begin with can be flat and still fly pretty understable.
True, flatter discs will have less glide due to reduced drag/lift. That being said, if they are completely without glide you are throwing them with a poor angle of attack and/or pitch. The "dumpy fade" happens because as the disc slows down and starts to fade the nose turns up, increasing the pitch, causing a stall. And if you are throwing with poor AoA/pitch you are inducing a stall to begin with.

Under-stable discs have the advantage that when they turn the pitch goes down. A nose up throw will often turn nose down as the disc turns over. The reduced pitch reduces turbulence for the flat disc. Conversely, when a domey disc has their nose pitch go down, the drag is increased and the turn is accentuated, causing the turn and burn into the ground.
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I find that pop top drivers, for me, have more drag in the air than a flatter, more mild/gradual dome driver. It seems that the pop tops fly a bit more clunky than the others. Just my observations.
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I have no scientific answer. Anecdotally, stable-to-overstable discs fly better for me if relatively flat, and stable-to-understable discs fly better for me if domey. It's really a matter of if I want a disc to cut through the wind better or glide off of it. That's why I love Plasma (domey) Waves but not Neutron Waves, and why I like flat Raiders. Workhorse discs that I want to cycle, such as Getaways, I look for a middle-ground level of dome. Rollers are a bit of a conundrum. They seem to lay down more reliably for me if flatter, but since a roller disc is typically an understable mold that means I don't own a lot of flat options for rollers (because I try to buy domey understable discs).
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Originally Posted by aphilso1 View Post
I have no scientific answer. Anecdotally,
Isn’t that all any of us have.

From my experience it is way less impact than PLH.
I have (had, lost one somewhere) three Pro Destroyers where the PLH and Dome follow each other. High dome high PLH, moderate dome = medium PLH , low dome low PLH. Not a pattern I’ve seen on others opposite from the light DX ones with big dome and super low PLH.
Anyway the glide and stability seems to have nothing to do with the dome at that point the way they flew. The biggest dome was most OS as we would expect by the PLH (not as OS as fresh Star D though) the middle one flys on the numbers with a bit of turn a great glide and good fade. The lowest dome/lowest PLH is flippy in the wind ton of glide.

The PLHs didn’t even vary by too much just noticeable from one to the next. Weights are similar the most OS was 171 the middle one 167 and the flippy 169.
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Dome, especially that pop top feeling is essential for max distance. Those two are things positively correlated.
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