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Default High speed disc with a low speed rim?

I have small hands, short fingers and the solution for me has been to disc down and use slower speed drivers. With their narrow rims this makes it easy to power grip and control the disc. I was just wondering if there is a disc (from any manufacturer) that combines the distance, speed of say a 13 speed disc but with the narrow rim size of a speed 9 disc? Thx.
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I have the same issue, PD's from Discmania once you beat them in are the fastest smaller rim driver for big distance. I also throw the Saint and Saint Pro a lot, they seem to have tons of glide despite being a speed 9. The thing is for them to have those high "speeds" it has to be a very shallow sharp edge wide rim. So there really isn't a disc exactly what your looking for. Anyway try those three that's what gets me to 350-400 which is about max for those speeds
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I have small hands too. Terns and trespasses are the only discs over speed 10 I've ever had any luck with. I agree with above poster about the saints and saint pro's as well, they are great discs.

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Escapes are really long for their rim.
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No, when a company says speed, all they are generally referring to is the rim width. That's what kills me about these companies with "speed 14 discs", they are the exact same rim size as a Boss or Nuke, really the only true one would be the Ninja since it was made with a rim too big for competition.
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I think speed is tied in pretty closely with rim width, so it would be tough to find speed 13 discs with a speed 9 rim. But I think there are certainly speed 9 type discs which have a boatload of glide that might make up some of the difference in speed.

Best bet would be a glidey, stable to a touch understable disc in the speed 8-9 range that you can hyzer flip. Something that can be released with hyzer, will flip up flat and perhaps turnover a bit before fading out. For a long time, that was a Valkyrie for me. A slightly seasoned Saint is that kind of disc for me now. It's gotta have room to play with to really max out though. No matter what you do, you're not going to get speed 13 distance out of a speed 9 disc throwing low tunnel shots or similar lines.
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Saint can get some pretty good distance for speed 9 and 1.9cm rim. Perhaps grip some discs and see what rim sizes are comfortable to you, and then you can look up specs on the PDGA approved disc list to see what "popular" drivers are within your size. It's not the same as holding them, but at least you can see where they sit. For example I know I prefer 2.2cm rim (like a Destroyer) and once it's 2.3 it starts getting a little wider than my finger length to get the same grip. I can throw the max width 2.5cm stuff, but I definitely feel like 2.2cm is the sweet spot for my fingers. Perhaps try the same type of thing to get an idea of where you're at.


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Originally Posted by disctildeath View Post
No, when a company says speed, all they are generally referring to is the rim width. That's what kills me about these companies with "speed 14 discs", they are the exact same rim size as a Boss or Nuke, really the only true one would be the Ninja since it was made with a rim too big for competition.
haha, have you tried a cannon or rampage, they are larger rims than a boss...
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The king is rated as a speed 14 disc, smaller rim though, I think similar to a destroyer.
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As far as I always understood it, the speed rating of a disc is basically telling you how long the disc will maintain its release speed. A putter with a blunt edge is going to slow down basically as soon as you release, whereas a wide rimmed driver has a more sleek profile and will maintain its speed longer. The shape of a disc isn't actually going to make it fly faster out of your hand. If anything, a narrower rimmed disc that is easier for you to grip is going to leave your hand faster than a wider rimmed disc that you might slip out early.

Keeping all that in mind, I'm assuming it could be possible to release a narrower rimmed disc that can have a speed rating of 10+, but in order to do that you will need to have a similar nose profile as a wider rimmed driver. The only way to do that is to make the disc itself slimmer (height of the wing) - so slim that you'll basically have nothing to hold on to. At that point you'll have grip issues again.

If you find that you can't grip a wide rimmed driver then the only suggestions I would have is to find a driver with a rim that you can comfortably grip and the right amount of high and low speed stability and glide to maximize distance. This is what others have suggested. If you are dead set on trying wider rimmed drivers your best bet would be to find something in a lighter weight. Maybe even 150 class. Most people that have problems gripping wider rimmed drivers really have issues with early release because they can't apply enough grip pressure to keep the disc in their hand through the hit. Lighter discs don't require as much grip pressure so you can actually hold on to the disc with less effort, thus eliminate the slipped releases... Of course, lightweight wide rimmed drivers are not the most reliable discs to throw because of how touchy they are to nose angle among other things.
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