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Calamine lotion. Not joking.
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Sweaty hands is really easy to get rid of. its all in your diet. greasy heavy food will give you greasy nasty sweat. eat fruit and vegetables and non-red meats/pork, no deep fried anything, for a couple of days before and day of event. you will notice a difference. even if you still sweat it will be more watery sweat that easily wipes off and evaporates. youll actually notice yourself feeling cooler as well. then add in a birdie bag and no worries about it again.
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Thanks for the comments. It certainly isn't my food intake since that's why I'm dropping 10lbs+ a month. Yep...there's plenty of baggage there still. lol.. I think having a pocket of saw dust (or whatever wood crumbs need to absorb water) in the bag along with the birdie bag, climber's chalk, etc, will help. It gets hot in Texas, Fall can't come quick enough. lol...
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Are you diabetic? Have you had your hemoglobin A1 checked?
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Seems I can't get enough sweat on my hands some days. Its not uncommon for me to reach under my shirt and grab a little "grip juice" off my chest or back.

I tried the birdie bag once. It worked okay, but I didn't see what all the hype was. I found microfiber towels worked better.
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I grabbed my chalk bag (climbing chalk) and that's the trick. BUT: you should throw with climbing chalk before taking it to a tournament. It's tough to get a "normal" grip with it, but very easy to get a consistent grip. Which is what it's all about for me.

Dirt bags, birdie bags, etc. are alright, but you have to hang on to them too close to when you're throwing. A decent amount of climbing chalk will stay on your hand and keep it dry for several minutes.

FWIW, climbers will take a blowtorch to the rock face before they climb (if there's moisture), because moisture is that detrimental to climbing.
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