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Originally Posted by MarkDSM View Post
Skins (match play variation) is very much alive. Search the YouTube for ‘skins disc golf’

I play low stakes skins and wolf with the crew now and then in central Iowa.
Skins is a fine format, but produces some weird short-term results and isn't as legitimate a contest over a reasonable sample.
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Originally Posted by disco40 View Post
The problem of it taking too long is real. I guess you could do it as a series, with a round being held before a Pro Tour or even an A-tier somewhere, and then another round at the next Tour stop? Maybe that drags it out too much, but maybe you could spread it out a little. Organization costs money, though, and that's where it might not be so viable. Given a financial environment more comparable to a major sport, organization wouldn't be an issue.
You just have a separate weekly pro tour event dedicated to the match play event. 3 days isn't too long for them.
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Wasn't the Vibram Open run as a match play format one year?
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Match play is great. We need an annual President's Cup match play event. Would be awesome.
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Match play rounds can possibly last only 10 holes. Not great TV.
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There is at least one longstanding match play event in disc golf. The Virginia Team Invitational has been played for nearly twenty years.

Biscoe can provide the details.

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Originally Posted by disco40 View Post
Not a rhetorical question really. What don't you like?
I just don't like it. I played competitive golf growing up. Before I grew to hate golf, I had aspirations to be a pro golfer, so I watched every bit of pro golf that was available to me. Played a lot of match play competitively. Watched even more.

Always would be excited about it leading in, but never enjoyed watching or playing. The kind of shots that make rounds often don't count. You make a wild scramble to save par and you might not even get to putt out. Too many 7 and 6 matches. Too many people check out after they are down a couple of holes.

Now I absolutely love this weekend's format.

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Originally Posted by Hampstead View Post
Match play rounds can possibly last only 10 holes. Not great TV.
They can also last 24 holes.....if they end up tied and the sudden-death tiebreaker goes on and on.

An issue for live TV; not so much for post-produced.
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Match play scoring is how Golf started and tends to even out penalties and rewards for the individual in a match. One may still win or lose via a single error, but one won't be blown out by single hole, which creates a different sort of competitive tension for the individual.

Match play seems to work very well on the 'smaller' level, Virginia Team Golf, Club Championships and San Diego Team Golf are disc golf examples; there's myriad examples from
Golf as well. It could be that the stakes in these events are of a different sort - shared tribal pride and team building, which rewards participation across a selection of players.

It seems that a minimum guarantee of a certain amount of play could be a sticking point, certainly for traveling players and for the self-aware bottom halves of fields...'Losers' bracket?

Medal play rewards are quite different, or as a friend of mine observed about himself, team sports were the only ones he played that he took seriously, because they seemed more 'real'...and he had no aspirations of professional play in disc. Sports fit differently into his life than it might a traveling professional's.

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Imagine a multi-day teams match play tournament separated by brand?
A kind of Manufacturer's Cup or something. I bet they'd be too cowardly to ever do it.

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