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DX Stingray
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I absolutely love my M4s. My go-to for one disc rounds. I use 400G for all my understable mid shots. I have one that's about 4 years old that weeeelllllllll seasoned and it super understable, then fresh ones that get most shots. If you're a fan of the M4, used to the feel, but want something a little more understable, grab a 200S M4 and throw it in the woods for a couple rounds (or in a parking lot for 15 minutes) That way you still have a disc that has the familiar feel in your hand, you know how it flies, but it comes out a bit more understable.

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Originally Posted by jjtwinnova View Post
The new DD Patrol is really flippy
This is such a useful disc. Powers down just fine,and can be sneaky long for those with no power forehand. More consistent than Meteors, but I really love Meteors as well.
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Meteor or Stratus
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If you don't mind DX, a DX Stingray around 170g is really nice.

If you would prefer premium plastic, a lighter weight Tursas is a really impressive mid - fast and understable, with enough fade to keep things in the fairway.

I've most recently landed on the Vertex, which is basically a faster Magic.

Speaking of US putters, a Mirage is sneaky long for a putter and terrifically understable and controllable, just not as long as a typical US mid.

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meteor had a "hit point" which takes higher speed to flip it over and once you flip it there is no way it is going to come back if you dont flip it it just rides straight to gentle fade

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I'm surprised I haven't seen the Warden mentioned yet. The Witness is also a good choice in the more fairway style disc.
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The DD Warrant is really good, but sometimes I feel like I can manipulate and control a Comet or a beat Roc better. Just cycle the M4 if you like it so much.
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Tursus is good, keep an eye on the Piwakawaka also.

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Originally Posted by seayhorse View Post
I realize there is a similar thread here. I read it.
So I too am looking for the more/most understable mid disc. I throw an M4, but am looking for something with a little less backbone. My mid range discs are the Hornet, M2 (which is almost identical to a Fugitive), M4. After playing in the woods yesterday, I am considering adding a more understable mid to that group. I prefer beadless discs.

I am familiar with the Comet, which I find to be very like the M4. I liked the Fuse OK, but it's a bit floatier than I want.

For your FYI, my understable lineup in the bag is

I like the F7 and M4, but they both have enough backbone that I have to put some zip on them to flip them up. Then they fade a bit. They work great, but have a narrow sweet spot of power and release angle to get them to sail straight. Something with a little less backbone is what I think I'm looking for. . . I think!

any tips? I'm eyballing the Tursas and the Archer.
thanks in advance
If you are looking for flippy try a Kite I haven't tried to throw them since they first came out so I don't know if the mold has changed or not but it was easily the flippiest disc I had ever tried to throw.
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