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Default XT Novas for putting

I started playing disc golf last May after playing ultimate frisbee for 10+ years. Something about the double mold of the XT Nova and at 175g felt the most like an ultimate disc so I've stuck with it. I know a lot of people use it mainly for a driving putter but does anyone else use it for actual putting other than me?
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I use the Glow NOVA for all putts outside the circle, i really want something that lands flat on long putts. ( if i miss, and i do hehe )
Sometimes i use the NOVA inside the circle to, but trying a few options inside

For anyone that putts with a lower speed, a straight putter like the NOVA is great. . not anyone can putt a OS putter superhard like Ricky or Paul and make it hit the basket before the fade kicks in
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Kevin McCoy uses them to putt, as do a couple of the masters guys that I’ve played with.
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I've seen people on my home course putt with Novas. If it's comfortable in the hand, it should be a good straight putter.

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I tried it a few times. I am not a fan of the glide and they have a tough time in the wind. I did not like the feel of the grip in my hand, too. I prefer a certain 'brick-like', slightly OS flight in my putting putters.
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I use Nova as my main putter because it's always super straight. I don't have to know how it fades when putting bacause it really doesn't.
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I used one for a while, (mostly when I was playing one disc rounds).

Not really a fan, a bit too deep and uncomfortable on the release for me.

A seasoned Aviar P&A is plenty straight enough for me and more comfortable too.

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Originally Posted by lines View Post
I tried it a few times. I am not a fan of the glide and they have a tough time in the wind. I did not like the feel of the grip in my hand, too. I prefer a certain 'brick-like', slightly OS flight in my putting putters.
I would not be able to really use the Nova as a putting putter because I am used to the concave wing in putting putters like a Magnet/Titanic or a Hydra. If not that then a Colt/XD type of putter that has a big bead at the bottom; #2 Upshot is such a disc though I would have to use the base plastic disc for main putting unlike the Prostyle I currently have for uphill/downhill putting.
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I have been playing since last July... I have used a Innova KC Aviar when I being, went to a Innova Dart, and now use a XT Nova [175g]. I like it because it doesn't have any built in fade, has a grippy edge [which prevents skipping when it lands], and a stiff plate. I will use the disc up to 50 foot putts, which are still out of my comfort zone, and use my dart for anything longer.
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If you use a glidey putter without fade and you miss from time to time, how you ensure the comebacker is short? I mean, the saying is: ``Putt through the basket, not to the basket.'' Fade, for me is a possibility to reduce comebacker distance. Ideally the putter starts to fade just behind the pole if I missed. Well, you could reduce the comebacker distance as well by push-putting on a line that goes down behind the basket. But as a spin-putter ...? In any case you want to get to the ground quick behind the pole if you airballed.

If you always at least hit metal, that's not that much of a problem, I guess.

(On steep slopes, fade increases the probability of rollaways, which can be the greater risk than longer comebackers.)
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