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Default Newer player, doing too much at once?

Hey guys, just joined the site. I've been playing for about 7 months now in the Atlanta area. We have a ton of courses of all skill levels and I'm addicted. Ive recently been playing nearly everyday for the last 3 or 4 months and want to start getting into some rec or intermediate tourneys come next year.

I'm currently happy with my approach shots and getting more comfortable putting, but I have big form issues when it comes to driving. I've recently stopped throwing drivers and am more focusing on mids and fairways. I'm getting the fairways up to about 300-315 on a good day. I'm very competitive and I always find myself trying to push myself further very quickly with nil results.

I have come to the realization that I'm trying to change way too much at once. Instead of taking the good things I am doing correctly and building from that, I find myself trying to incorporate all things at once and it really frustrates me.

What are some Things that helped you guys move forward? I understand that solid form takes time, but I also can't help my compete level. When I do something right, I have a tendency to immediately want to improve on it instead of getting comfortable with it first.

Has anyone else had this issue? And what are some good ways to focus on building on my form instead of basically restructuring my whole throw every time I practice?

Thanks everybody I look forward to hearing from you all and getting to know everyone!
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I'm much like yourself. I started playing about 6-7 months ago. I've been playing a lot of rounds lately and have been skimping on my field work. However, I spent this past weekend at a local football field and just practiced throwing different discs on different lines (hyzer/flat/anny, BH and FH) and seeing how my flights were.

Prior to my fieldwork, I thought that I was getting to the point to where I could handle faster discs in the 11/12 speed range. This field work quickly made me realize that I'm getting much more distance and way better accuracy with my fairway drivers as well (8-10 speeds).

So my suggestion to you is don't get too wrapped up playing a ton of rounds. Remember to spend some time every week or two and just practice your field work. Take a bunch of different discs and try all your different throws. See whats working best for you as your game progresses.
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You are spot on There is definitely a lot to work on with form and trying to do to much to quickly seams to hurt you more than help (speaking from experience)

I've been "playing" for several years but only recently started playing constantly and with focus to get better. 300-315 in that short of time playing is awesome.

Some tips I have recently picked up is to practice a lot with slower discs

They will show you what is wrong with your form better than fairway or distance drivers

Higher speed discs can hide what you may be doing wrong

Also don't be afraid of tournaments

Just did my first 2 these past two weekends

B and C tiers are fairly laid back

They were both a ton of fun and playing with other people both gave me a lot of confidence as to where my game is and what else i need to work on

Another tip speaking form experience, don't get to caught up on what a disc "should" do Flight numbers and guides tend to be based off more pro type arms and not getting the disc to do what it "should" do can be disheartening

Find out what your discs do for you, and use them accordingly

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It never hurts to back off drivers. I'm an upper Intermediate to Advanced level player and still routinely find myself outdriving a Speed 10 driver with a Teebird or Leopard3. Tournaments are good and fun experiences (yeah, can be frustrating too...) that help you come to grips with your strengths and weaknesses. One thing tournaments help me with is related to what you're describing: they help me NOT try to go for too much, since I often get punished by those decisions. On some holes, sure I could go for the glorious driver shot that will get me in birdie position one out of five shots, or I can play a smarter shot that plays to my strengths and lets me get a par with minimal stress.

Personally I think sticking below speed 10 (or even 9) is good as a beginner. Also pay attention to which shots are your strengths. Keep working on those shots and have them available on days where things aren't clicking. I'm not a big "putter or bust" guy, but keep working on mids and fairways as opposed to focusing on the higher speed stuff. I also think diversity of shots is more beneficial at an early stage than distance. Work on incorporating backhand turnovers, forehand hyzerflips, and even overhands into your game. You'll figure out which discs do which shots best, and that'll help your game whether you're playing tourneys or not.

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Neutral, slower fairway, mid, putter master them remember that slow is smooth and smooth is far (that isn't mine but it's true) and do the form drills that sidewinder teaches THEY HELP! practice practice practice and above all else have fun!
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Eliminate any type of X-step or run up for now, and get comfortable & consistent with standstill throws.
Stand and Deliver disc golf throws will help you develop good form.
From there you can progress into adding a proper X-step.
Speed 6-7 discs and down for this.

I know it's not as fun, but trust me it will help considerably.

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try throwing nothing faster than a Teebird for a month. it'll teach you to slow down and actually throw farther with more accuracy. if you're happy with your approach shots, you're in a good place. approach shots are everything, in my opinion...
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Leopards are your friends

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When I first starting playing I thought I had to work on everything at one time but wasnt getting anywhere.I started just standing still so I can learn how to throw and my reach back.Then I started doing a small run up and it was the right approach for me.Putting is something that I really need to work on.
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