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Originally Posted by Dave242 View Post
Yes....wobble is indeed caused by OAT. But, does that have anything to do with what people are talking about when they talk about OAT?

For instance, if garublador is helping a person whom he describes as "People with OAT problems will flip discs from a hyzer angle that would normally cause the disc not to flilp."....if he gets them to stop the disc from having that small wobble on release, this will fix their problem?
Yes and yes.
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Originally Posted by mashnut View Post
The plane of the disc is important, but if that doesn't match the plane you're pulling through on you have issues. That most often happens when rolling your wrist as you throw. It causes wobble, decreases distance and can make for unpredictable flights if you're not in control of it. Sure, that torque is a small percentage of the total torque applied, but I think it's disingenuous to say it has almost no effect on the discs's flight.
^this. It doesn't take much torque to take your disc off plane.
While the amount of undesireable torque involved in OAT may be statistically insignificant compared to the torque you apply to the disc to propel it forward, its effect is quite significant. Small amount of torque --> large effect. Eliminate this torque about the throwing plane, and you get a more consistent releases.
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OAT can result in a flat, smooth release yet an undesired release angle. Trust me.
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you guys are killing me today with these oat posts. take a physics class.
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I'm not going to get too far into this, because I know almost nothing about it, but I will suggest that there is a biomechanical detriment to OAT.
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I always pictured off axis torque as imparting force onto a disc that isnt the direction you want it to go. Like when a forehander tries to throw a flat shot but ends with his palm facing down. Hes imparting some up/down unwanted torque in addition to the horizontal spin he desires
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This thread is one of those. I initially looked at this thread and thought who cares!? I then proceeded to read every single post. Like a moth to a flame I guess.
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Here are two other OAT factors.... Grip strength and disc warp.

Kachtz is the best example of this i can think of. His grip strength is so strong and arm speed so fast, he warps softer discs at the hit point... they change shape from a circle to an egg shape with a little bit of taco from his thumb pressure. And the discs flutter in a horizontal plane and sound like a bass fisherman's buzz bait through water.

There are pictures and video showing it somewhere on here.
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You've got your rotation factor, now just plug in your vector coordinates.
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You're a stupid concept!
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