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Originally Posted by Keller View Post
What's your overstable putter of choice?
Right now, I've been messing around with a K3 Berg. It's essentially a Rhyno...that goes about 10-15 fewer feet lol.
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I've always felt like I have an issue.....I currently carry 5 throwing putters and two putting putters. There are only 3 molds though. I have 2 E Anodes to putt with, a soft proton anode for piping dead straight shots, a firm E Anode for flippier duty, my main thrower is a freshish plasma ion, an old beat up proton ion (serves basically as a backup, falls between the plaz ion and the soft p anode on stability, mostly in the bag for sentiment reasons, and to fill space lol) and capped off by a soft neutron particle for OS duties.
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2 max weight JB Roaches, 1 for putting only, 1 kinda beat for a flippy thrower and backup putter.

165g Moonshine Envy for primary throwing duties.

Max weight Ti Zone.
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Yah, I really can't wait for the (late) 2020-2021 season to start. I'm going to be throwing putters more than ever. I've been throwing Wizards for years and added the Deputy a while back as well. Both give me incredible glide, with the Deputy being a fantastic hyzer flip/turn over disc. But the Luna and the Fierce has my attention. If anyone has any experience with those 2 discs, I'd love to hear some feedback, especially in glide/distance compared to the Wiz/Dep. Thanks.
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Originally Posted by aphilso1 View Post
What do you use your Judge and Envy for? Those are two of my absolute favorite putter molds, but I didn't find them to coexist very well in my bag. Envy is a little faster and more HSS, Judge a little slower and easier to work angles with...but overall they are a similar enough stability that I felt I just needed to pick one and stick with it. I chose Judges this year because they are more versatile for me and I putt with them now too, but you can never go wrong with relying on Envies!

Funny enough, I am toying with throwing the Envy's kid brother, the Proxy, back in the bag, albeit in a small well-defined role. I play a lot of long tunnel shots, and the Proxy is such a good disc for just ripping hard, flat, and straight down a hallway.
Yeah Proxy is the one I absolutely can't do without. For all those place in the middle, helicopter landing, holes. To your original post, there's a 600+ very tight tree lined hole on local course: I place my proxy 3 times for par; my buddies are in the woods with their drivers.

Club qualifier: Pilot (putting putter), Proxy, Envy, Zone.
I hear you on Envy. I use when I'm thinking about hyzering in my zone but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get it there (I feel like there's almost nothing prettier than an Envy on hyzer). Similarly, if I'm thinking Proxy but need to smash it due to distance needed OR if I need to go straight with slight left finish and just give more hyzer. Admittedly, Proxy and Zone are most used and I would drop the Envy first. But my Envy knows when it's her time to shine.

I really want to add my Aviar back into that mix. Just cementing my qualifications.

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I bag 2 pures for putting and throwing, and have a judge for longer anny approach shots. Also have a z zone and a tactic (they overlap but zone skips more, the tactic sits better). Also keep bouncing between a p2 and a wizard for when the pures aren't working for putting (or I can't hit anything and blame it on the disc lol).
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Right now I'm carrying 5.
Two putting Fireflies and throwing AviarX3, Firefly, and Sonic. Occasionally I add another Firefly or thrashed KC Aviar depending on the course.
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Was going through extra stuff in the basement deciding what to sell and took a peek through the P2 box. Pulled a couple of premium plastic goodies out that I simply will never need to throw with how long a C-Line or S-Line putter lasts.

I did however count my putting putters. I uh, have a lot. 34 p-line P2s now. 12 in the practice stack, 2 in my bag, and 20 freshies.

I must remember to stop adding these to my orders.

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The only putter I actually liked throwing was my woodchuck, but after the whole stay at home order gave me lots of time to experiment, I have grown to love both the rhyno and the ringer gt. They are technically approach discs I guess, but the jawbreaker ringer gt kicked my jawbreaker challenger out of my bag as my putting putter because I love throwing it as well as putting with it
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I feel like this thread was made for me! I absolutely adore putters. Basically any shot under 250' will be a putter for me. Sure there are exceptions once in a while, but this is the general rule.

Originally Posted by Keller View Post
...One of my favorite things to do is go... with 4 different putter molds... It's a very satisfying way to play sometimes.
I feel like this is every round for me ^^^ New putters are constantly auditioned.

There are so many molds that could be my favorite putter; it really depends on the day you ask. The common theme is that they are relatively neutral when thrown 250'+. Not understable, not overstable... just neutral. If a company makes a mold like this, I'm probably gonna love it.

My current favorite is the Aviar PandA but, depending on the day, could just as easily name Envy, Proxy, Pilot, Ohm, Rhyno, Colt, Stud, Dart, Voodoo, Magic, Warlock, Wizard, Challenger, Magnet, etc etc etc. Adding more to the list would just bore you; you get the idea.

If I had to pick only one for the rest of my life, I'd choose the venerable Aviar PandA because it is cheap, widely available anywhere, and available in just about any plastic.

EDIT: to the extent that I have "a bag" I will almost always have the following:
1 lid (Polecat or Sonic usually)
1 understable putter
1 neutral or slightly overstable putter (this slot changes the most)
1 overstable putter (almost always Rhyno)
1 soft putter for tricky greens (R-Pro Rhyno or R-Pro Aviar usually)
2 putting putters in identical plastic, color, run, wear

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