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Originally Posted by freakinwizzz View Post
Not disagreeing bud.. I love the trespass but get more distance from others. I wonder if it’s a problem with me and not the disc
Need more deets on the two discs being compared. Plastics, wear, weight, plh etc. that old adage...
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I just took the Trespass out of the bag...

I typically had two of them. Both 172g Lucid. The red one was a little more seasoned so the white one was my max-d. I used a Force for the overstable distance driver slot and found myself wanting something between the 'stable' Trespass and the 'understable' Force.

I wound up replacing both the Forces and Trespasses with three Outlaws in various weights and wear. The first run Icon is the understable slot. The second run pinnacle is in the stable spot and I have a max weight icon that is the overstable slot.

So far, I haven't missed the Trespass, but I have found a couple of instances of missing the Force (on limited FH shots).
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Originally Posted by freakinwizzz View Post
I throw a lot of trespasses but I wish they were longer. I get 20-30 feet further throwing friends destroyers. Are they slower than other speed 12s?
Yes. Same wing width as a Wraith, 2.1.
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I think that slightly slimmer rim is why I like it so much. 2.1 seems like an unusual rim width for Trilogy.

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I've never bagged a Trespass consistently, but I've thrown probably a half dozen of them in various plastics. Never tried one I really didn't like. I think the only thing that keeps me from digging the Trespass more than I do is the fact that it can be flippy/inconsistent in headwind or cross breezes. I'd still rather bag a Destroyer and worry less about it flipping at the wrong time.

I find the Trespass to be every bit as long (maybe even longer) than star Destroyers. They seem to glide better and have more high speed turn. I think the Trespass is DDs best pure distance driver. I favor it over the Sheriff.

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I throw the Trespass - it almost feels like a fairway in the hand. Nice combo of glide, speed, and stability.

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I throw it. Lucid. It's my FH distance driver. I know that's not normal. I'm just very comfortable with it. Seems to go far enough but what do I know.

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I’ve actually recently landed on the trespass as my distance driver. Now, I’ve acquired quite the collection.

I’ve tried Destroyers and Outlaws, etc, but the trespass feels so nice in the hand. It’s probably an 11.547 speed (semantics...) which is whatever, but they go ~400 with less effort than a DS or Outlaw. So, they are more conducive to longer tourneys, excessive playing, or just not wanting to rip on everything you throw. I like throwing around 70-90% power, to conserve the arm, avoid injury, and be more accurate.

I find a fresh Lucid or Fuzion has enough stability to handle decent headwinds. (If the wind is raging, I don’t think some super OS distance driver will grant much more distance or accuracy than an OS Fairway, anyway, but that’s me). So between different wears, the Trespass will cover pretty much all distance driver slots.

I think the Trespass is awesome. Show some love!

I do really want to try the Lucid-X.... (hit me up )

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They're good distance drivers but I'm going with something else. I got some up in my trade thread on marketplace if anyone is interested.
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Yeah I'm currently bagging a flippy one, use it situationally. I like the hand feel and how tolerant they are of nose angles. I don't think it's the longest disc in my bag, but I feel I can throw it anywhere from 60-90% power and get a good flight. If I want a fairway driver shot but at lower ceiling or 30'+ more distance then it's my choice. If it's open and there's a bit of tailwind then it'll be my distance driver since I can keep it gliding rather than getting stable early. I also like it for how neutral it is...not going to flip to oblivion but also not going to fade a ton...really acts like a fairway. But in the wide open there are other drivers I feel I can get a more consistent placement out of and tolerate wind better. And for farthest possible shots I have some other discs I believe to give me 10-20' more.
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