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Simon, Eagle, Drew, GG and Geisnger is the .1% Club.
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Originally Posted by DiscJunkie View Post
I used to think I had a reasonably good arm, until I walked off my throws with a measuring wheel.
That's a dose of reality.
Try it.
On a related subject...
I don't know why, but if you take a rangefinder to most courses, stand on the tee and use it to measure the distance to the basket, you'll find that tee signs on most courses (that I've taken the time to measure) are off by 10 - 20' or more.
My point is, that if you haven't used a wheel or some objective measurement like that, I suspect you don't have a good idea about your actual distance.
Occasionally I'll throw from home plate on a high school baseball field and throw toward CF. CF is marked at 380'. That distance isn't as easy to hit as it may seem. I'd throw a few decent feeling drives only to have them one hop the fence. Once I got warmed up and started cranking I could put drivers a solid 60' over that fence though. The field I was using also had a 40' tall batter's eye behind the 380' fence. I cleared it a few times, but that took about all the distance I could muster.

400' is not a joke. I think its harder to reach than most people think.

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Future big arm? Came across this video of Simon talking disc golf with a nine year old. Thought it was very interesting.

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Hole 18 at Squaw Gold takes about a 350-360’ accurately placed throw to clear the OB off the tee. The majority of ADV players and probably half of the Open players regularly fail to clear it in leagues/tourneys. The “big arms” throw a big hyzer and clear it by 40-50 feet or more with no problem.

So I would agree with the earlier statements that 400’ on a hyzer the whole way is a good test. There are a lot of people like me can throw 400’, but only in the right conditions and/or with a full S-curve flight.
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400' golf power, as in line drive-ish -1/2 style flights will seem like a big arm to most people on most courses. It's just not all that common from what I've seen. I do think that 425'+ is a whole different tier that I would consider big arm for sure.

If someone is already in and used to the open level of player category, then they may not think they have a big arm until 450+.

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Actually a big arm is something to see. I have seen a Pro in 2007 sponsored by Innova at the time who was a Big Arm playing in the South Dakota State Disc Golf Championship, in Pierre. His name was Ken Tank Franks and even on the longest hole on the course he was throwing a putter but not his putting putter off the tee pad that was almost a 600 foot hole or just over. He had the least spin that I have seen throwing a disc, in fact he was muscling the disc rather then spinning. His putting and approach were the most Spin I have ever seen as well as power behind it but he had so much spin so he could slam the disc in the basket without having the disc go flying after the putt, yes that much spin like he was power spinning the disc. He was at the time one of the faster throwers of discs out there the speed in which the disc was going as it first left his hand.

Another big arm I have seen was a Grandmaster was in what is now the Masters 60-65 or 65-70 age groups and he would often compete and win or place in the Masters category. Same guy I was told when he was in 50's he would still sometimes compete in the Advanced Amateur division depending on if the Masters Division had competition and win in other states near the one he and I lived in like in places like Minnesota and Iowa in larger tournaments. He now competes in his own division whatever that is. He could often in his age group throw as far as Pro Kyle Pinkman, was with Dnymaic Discs or Latitude 64 for a few years in the 2010's.
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Originally Posted by Bogey B.O.B. View Post
400+ big arm
500+ elite
Sounds right to me.
^ this.

Not just tickling 400' once in a while, but the ability to put it beyond 400' consistently.
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In my experience, being able to throw a baseball or hit a golf ball at ~80% of the absolute top pros means out-throwing or out-driving most people you come across. What the translation into disc golf?


Is 600' a good number for that elite pro distance? I honestly don't know how far the Eagles and Simons of the world throw in no-wind/flat-ground scenarios.
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My arm is bigger on the cource than on my practice field. . stange and anoying.

I do fieldpractice on a soccerfield that i know is 60x110m ( 197x361feet )

I usually throw putters on the "short side" and i΄m quite dialed in at that exact range.
And i throw mid, fairways and drivers on the "long side" so i KNOW that i throw mids 250-270. . fairways 270-300 and drivers max 320-350.

BUT on every single course i have played i throw further. . ?!

Hole 1 on my lokal course is markt at 246feet. . and i can reach that quite easy with a putter, so its NOT 246feet. . it΄s more like 200

Another hole is marked 315feet. . so it should be a max drive for me. . but i throw a fairway on a hyzerline and reach it every time. . .so it΄s NOT 315feet

It΄s very anoying to dial in a range at the field to find out that the holes on the cource is shorter than the sign says.
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Originally Posted by bobmcnelly View Post
Simon, Eagle, Drew, GG and Geisnger is the .1% Club.
Don't forget Wiggins he is a beast. Someone tell that kid the real world is overrated and the window for disc golf glory is short!
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