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Teebird. It's in and out of the bag. I feel like I SHOULD like it but I just don't know. My Explorer is so much more consistent. I was loving my champ Eagle more than a teebird but I lost it last year. Just got a Barsby star eagle and it might as well be a boss for me. Just never figured out a teebird I guess.
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Teebird for me also. I try try try to make it work, but just doesn't happen. a SUPER beat up one does, sorta....
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Dang...I miss LoPan. My disc would be my beat Soft Wizard. I try to take it out...but it always comes back.
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Originally Posted by Putt for D'oh View Post
Great thread.
Now very curious what reminded you of the forgotten thread and inspired the bump?

My madams all got thrown around a lot. They were second choice discs that I kept around and made second drives with on casual rounds. Never the first choice, always hoping maybe I would throw them better. Then eventually took them all out of my bag and just like that no more Trilogy drivers.
I was searching for old ace threads that I've posted in trying to figure out how many aces I've had and this thread popped up for some reason. The title was so dumb I knew I had to be responsible for it somehow.

I'm pretty strict about finding uses for all my bagged discs. My stupidly beat Nebula that flies like the best Buzzz ever gets benched too much b/c I get afraid I'll lose it and my Polecat is getting benched a lot more now since I've been flicking putters so much. But they still come out and give me some veteran minutes every round.
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I like to keep my bag as light as possible so I don't have any madams
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^^^ Same
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Man. What's a "light bag?"

With right at 20 discs in an E2, loaded down with liquids, towels, Gold Bond Powder, smokes, beef jerky, golf ball, bottle opener, Band-Aids, aspirin...and probably some other stuff that gets taken out and thrown away once a year...

Well, anytime someone lifts mine in the act of being friendly/helpful, they invariably have to stop and re-grip it, and say, "Good Lort! Whaddaya got in here, bricks?!"

I am over-prepared. Besides which, I look at this game as a form of exercise, so the more I sweat the better I feel. I want pain in my calves! I enjoy an aching lower back after several hours toting that bad boy...

My Madame is a brand new Roc3 we got in the Club's pack when we signed up this year. It's very pretty, and I am loathe to scar it. Besides, I have two Warships and a Tursus that work nicely in its stead. Still, I am sorely tempted, often. See: very pretty.

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