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Default THEORY Midrange by Axiom Discs

Hey DGCR! Let's celebrate a geeky DISCussion of one of the GYRO Bros' most unique designs to date - the Theory midrange. I personally dig it for a fluff-straight-to-power-understable slot that had traditionally held a QMS or Coyote. Your mileage may vary. As a power-responsive disc, please keep an open mind toward others' experience with the disc. MVP/Axiom flight charts deal with a somewhat nebulous "power" scale so your particular balance of spin/airspeed may vary.

Below are some of the demystification images I've produced for this model, as well as my descriptive text about how it responds.

The defining characteristic of the Theory is its power-responsive, controllable turn and added glide.

These easy turning lines allow for a more dynamic attack of the fairway. The Theory’s wing is designed to smooth out abrupt turnovers, for a nice drifting shot.

The range of straight, flip, and turnover lines of the Theory makes it a must have for touch midrange duties for Axiom throwers.
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My most used disc other than my putter. Less understable than my most understable Meteor, but slower which is what I have been wanting for a while now. Love throwing it.
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Guys. This is my favorite disc of 2014.

Ill get more into that later but if you have tried an MVP tangent or anode and expected understable glidey flights but were let down by the HSS of both those molds wellllllp the theory is the disc to check out ASAP. I really find it to be a nice combination of glide, speed and stability which is unique to similar US molds off the shelf. Reminds me more of a seasoned version of a slightly stable disc at higher power which I really like and blame on the GYRO, duh! Never thrown a shot where the theory turns and burns but it will consistently track right when/as needed better then any other MVP disc out.

Seriously check out a theory though its quickly become one of my most used discs!! The tangent has felt a little neglected for sure but love the vector, tangent, theory set up right now.

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Haven't said it yet, but I love the flight charts, Zam. It's nice to see a company acknowledge different flights at different power levels.

The Theory is a decent enough mid. Just wasn't what I was expecting wanting it to be. The lack of fade, even at slower speeds is commendable.
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Nice job, Zam. I think "fluff-straight-to-power-understable" may be one of the most accurate descriptions of a disc I've ever heard. The profile design chart is also a nice addition. Props.
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My foot is FINALLY healed and I'll probably go out and play a round soon, for the first time in 3 months. I plan on making it a Theory only round. It's gonna feel so good to throw that disc again.

Are there plans on making soft, or baseline Theories?
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This disc is growing on me. What I've come to really like about this disc in particular is its reliable under-stability while not completely turning over. This time of year when it's colder and very windy that reliability is the difference between confidently reaching for the disc and not having it in the bag at all. (And, yes, Northeast Ohio is much, much windier than people realize. ;-)
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So is southeast Ohio, lol. We were getting 50+ gusts yesterday.
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Dang all the courses here are closed for the season just a couple still open. This disc is my first purchase for next season well along with the proxy. I'm finding I'm liking axiom a ton the latest mvp releases not so much anyone else experiencing that? This disc is making me want to play so bad still haven't tossed it but it sounds amazing.

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Originally Posted by MrGlass01 View Post
Dang all the courses here are closed for the season just a couple still open. This disc is my first purchase for next season well along with the proxy. I'm finding I'm liking axiom a ton the latest mvp releases not so much anyone else experiencing that? This disc is making me want to play so bad still haven't tossed it but it sounds amazing.
The only new MVP release I've thrown was the Inertia, and it's become my favorite distance driver. I do see what you are saying though. Axiom has only been around since the first of the year, and I have purchased 3 of their molds, with a plan to buy the Theory and Clash soon, but I don't have my eyes on any of the remaining MVP discs. For me, I think more of it is that I am addicted to mids and don't usually throw anything faster than a fairway driver anyway. If MVP releases some more mids, maybe a true OS mid, I will probably want it as well.

But back to the Theory. I felt one yesterday, and it only confirmed for me how much I want it. I haven't been this excited about a disc this much in a long time. I don't know that it will replace the Envy as my favorite purchase of the year, but I do expect it to be my new most used mid.
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