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Question Forehand a fairway driver or distance driver?

What is your deciding factor for choosing to forehand a fairway driver (firebird, felon, etc.) or a distance driver (destroyer, surge, havoc, etc.)? Is it simply distance? if do why choose a fairway driver & not simply power down the distance driver?
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It's no different than throwing backhand, at least for me. I throw 50/50 forehands and backhands during an average round, when I "disc down" it's because I have more control with the fairway than the distance driver not to mention the fairway doesn't skip as hard.

So basically fairway drivers are for touch shots while distance drivers are for distance.
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Usually it comes down to distance but before I had my Firebird I would power down a distance driver to get a harder hook than an overstable fairway driver. Sometimes ceiling height is a factor as well.
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How much skip which one will give you...but with the "fairways" you mentioned they will likely skip as much as the Destroyer (considering a powered down Destroyer vs. a hard throw with the others). With a less OS fairway like a Teebird-ish disc then the difference in skip and fade would really tell me which to choose.

If you can reach the basket with either, then I'd rather throw the shot that is closer to ~70% effort. If I have to crush the fairway to get it there I'd rather pop the distance driver out there. If I'd have to back off to 40-50% on the distance driver I'd rather throw the fairway.
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Forehand is not my strong suit anymore (even though I was exclusively FH when I started playing), so for me, its a utility choice. AS a utility shot, fairway/slower OS drivers are my choice for their control. Fast drivers tend to just meathook without the touch aspect when I power them down. But I can thread a needle with a firebird or a spark and still rely on the fade and/or skip.
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5% of my decision is distance.
5% of my decision is comfort.
90% of my decision is how quickly I need the disc to flex.
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It's hard for me to forehand much farther than 250', so I don't use much faster than a fairway driver normally anyways.
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its just distance differences for me. Same BH. The only difference between FH and BH is, I know mentally that i need to be touchier and smoother as i move down in speed or my discs will flip FH. I dont have that problem BH.
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Depends alot on the skip needed or not needed, and the shape of the fairway. If i need a straight shot then a gentle fade i will throw a flip up fairway or midrange depending on distance. But if i can throw a pd2 i am going to. But i have powered up teebirds or thunderbirds to get a straighter flight than a flip up destroyer for a fairway, there are alot of variables.
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