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Originally Posted by Scotty Don't View Post
Can you use that stuff on your hands? I've got pain in the large knuckles of my index and middle fingers of my throwing hand... most balms like Icy Hot say to wash your hands after applying.
I have used it on my hands.
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Originally Posted by MANBURGARLAR View Post
Agreed. I picked up the new esp swirl tour series comet and its reliably flippy when i need it to be, but also holds a nice flip to flat to slight hyzer finish as well. Compliments the 18' swirly esp glo comet nicely.

I was lucky enough to snag 2 esp glo bangers today online. Seems people really freak out over premium plastic bangers and they sell out almost instantly because nobody knows how long we gotta wait for another run. Really interested to compare them alongside the MJ esp bangers however.
You’re not joking. I got two as well, but I may have missed some but I think I only saw about 30 that were 173 and up and they were all sold in minutes.

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MJ needs to put the bug in their ears! They should just run Stock ESP and Ti bangers. They finally did it with comets.

Its almost like Discraft isn’t aware of all the closet banger throwers that exist. Although I’m sure they have their hands tied with all the new Paul mcbeth discs being created.
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Originally Posted by mj20300 View Post
This is what I use
Dang, you use the strong stuff...I've been looking at a local place here in SC near Walhalla that is doing CBD products and they have a good looking salve I might try.

Outside of the ointment, have you used anything else? Drops, candies etc?
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How does Discraft sponsor so many good Charlotte area players right in Innova East's backyard? Is there a story there?

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Hey MJ, noticed you talk a lot about spin control in your answers here, would you mind explaining a little more? Kinda like what kind of shot you want more spin vs less and just your general observations on it. Thanks!
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Where is the MJ Bobblhead!?!

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MJ, where did you find inspiration in your putting technique? Also, how come you often turn away from your shot after release?
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Finally had some time to throw my first pair of comets a few times, one MJ signature and one ESP... and WOW!! After getting the release angle right I found myself mumbling "effing ell" (in a good way)! What a ridiculously satisfying flight path these things can take.

So there a few holes on my home course I had in mind for these things... they're both straight shots @ 250'+/- that don't play well with a fading finish.

The first is uphill about 20', but with a tier about halfway down the fairway after which it flattens out. The fairway bottlenecks around 150' from the tee and then opens up around the pin with a steep drop off to the left that sucks anything with fade out of putting range. Because you have to throw the disc up to clear the tier, but straight enough to carry to the pin I couldn't get the line right before... My turned over Roc's would either fade out at the end (too high) or cut roll on top of the tier (too low). I was able to get a flex shot with a driver to work but there was no room for error and birdie's were a fluke. Anyway, I was able to get the perfect line with the Comet... hyzer flip thrown uncomfortably high (for other discs), and right above the tier section the disc just locks in, dead straight and flat all the way to the finish!!

The second hole is more or less at tee elevation with a line of guardian trees running left to right... There's a window straight through but it's tight, and if you don't make it through you're scrambling. I normally spike hyzer over the top, but the pin is placed close enough behind the line of guardians that you have to go really high. With the prevailing cross wind it became difficult to predict how much the hyzer would push left to right. So! with my new weapon I threw the hyzer flip this morning right at the window and again... bam... the Comet flips up, locks in dead straight and buzzes the tower.

What a great disc!!! Just ordered 3 more

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Haven't thrown it yet but it looks and feels really nice:
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