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I love my wizards, but I also really like my soft ions.
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In my opinion, wizards have so many different runs and variations that it results in the most "customizable" disc on the market. It can be a little frustrating finding a disc with just the right feel, but you never have to doubt the flight. Is solid regardless of the plastic you get!
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Get an Eraser Wizard now! I have 19 Wizards and I don't even putt with them unless it's windy, if that tells you anything. I love Wizards so much for short drives and approaches, and have everything from Medium to SS to SSS to RFF and everything in between. Some day I'm sure my Wizards will eventually boot my Magics out for main putting duties, but I have just as many Magics so I'm trying not to.
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Yeah, been throwing Wizards now since last October, no one retails Gateway in this area and I had been trying to get the club to switch to getting tourney discs through them to save money, they finally went with them and I started with a SSS, now I use a G9i as the main putter, and have an RFF for when it's wet or cold. Hit more putts in these last 6 months than I have in over 5 years of playing, having tried Aviars, Ions, Magnets, nothing comes close. I do like having a Rhyno or Pig for longer approaches/utility shots/extreme wind putting, but for pure putting, the Wizard is king.
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Originally Posted by Bardu View Post
Yup. I've tried most all putters on the market and Wizards were the one for me. Deep, flat, crazy baseline plastic, great stability and a nice bead. Stick with them, they will reward you!
Hey Bardu, how do those two eraser wizards I paid for 2 months ago throw? They still working good for you?
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Wiz for the win. The only putter I putt with, and in all conditions. Its a gamer for sure.
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In the last year I've gone from Wizards, to Ions, and now back to Wizards. I have 3 of the new Erasers that are MONEY. Firm and tacky. Don't spit out as much as the ions and are much easier to grip in wet conditions. Can't go wrong with a Wiz!
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Just bought a soft wizard and classic judge. The two are extremely similar in feel and flight in particular the plastic feels identical. The judge feels like the rim is a hair thicker, has a slightly deeper bevel (like a focus), a slightly wider and more durable bead, and -maybe- a hair lower profile. But it does not appear lower profile when placed next to each other on a table. I like my beat d challengers a whole lot but the flight plates always sag drastically in time and they half-melt in very hot temperatures. The wizard and judge both work fine for driving and ups so far, not particularly impressive or unimpressive. They both have a very strong predictable fade at the end but still have typical headwind problems when thrown at higher speeds. At the moment they are distinctly more overstable than my fairly beat up challengers when putting but they putt very well and both have stiff grippy plastic which does not appear as if it will have sinking flight plates or half-melted problems in the future. The almost rock hard stiffness feels fantastic to me. I would like to try an Ion and an SS wizard next, although the SS wizard I have felt have been closer to SSS's I have thrown than my S.
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the new glow wizards are really nice. maybe a tad stiffer than the softs. I haven't putted with one long enough to see how it breaks in. I'm a soft wizard putter kinda guy, with a broken in chalky for longer putts and approaches and a g9i for driving.
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Was Wiz, now Rico
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