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Default Where's the hole?

Years playing/experience: 7 yrs, Some considerable breaks in that time
Right/left-handed/ambidextrous: right-handed
Throwing Style: RHBH, very light OH, rarely FH-mostly short utility.
Golf Distance (avg/max*) for putter/mid/driver: Wizard: 200/300'; Aurora: 300/350; Teebird: 380/400'; Orion LF: over 400'.. It goes a long way

Age: 24
Sex: M
Injuries/handicaps?: Bicep/shoulder issues limit my OH/FH
Other sport proficiencies?: Golf and some frisbee; baseball, football and basketball in the past.
Additional Information: Distance is the strongest part of my game. I've been working on short midrange and approaching a lot lately.

What do you like/dislike about your current bag?:

I had been throwing roughly 70% Millennium, 25% Innova and 5% Discmania for a long while. I liked staying under the Innova umbrella of plastics for a consistent plastic feel, but missed a few molds.

I'm not sure if having my Z Buzzz as my most overstable midrange will always be reliable. I liked my Sentinel's flight but I had grip issues with the rim. I'm considering something like the Aftershock.

Which would pair better with my driving Wizard, a Zone or a Vibram VP? or others?

Is a Banshee or EXP-1 or equivalent redundant next to a fresh Teebird?

I'm only familiar with the main four Gateway putters. Are any of their new molds unique or worth trying?

Any obvious gaps or weaknesses in my lineup?

I always learn something when I post one of these; any tips, tricks or general feedback is appreciated.


Drivers (weight/plastic/model/(condition)/use):
170 Quantum Sparkle Orion LF (fresh) Overstable distance, big hyzers
171 Quantum Orion LF 1.2 (seasoned) Distance with a considerable fade
175 Quantum Orion LF 1.2 (worn) Powers down well, can finish straight, more turn, hyzer flips

170 Echo Star Teebird (seasoned) Straight, reliable LSS
170 Champion Teebird (beat) Hyzer flip to straight, needs height to finish with any LSS.

168 Quantum JLS 1.9 (lightly worn) Hyzer flips, lots of functional turn
171 Millennium JLS 1.10 (beat) Utility and trick shots, no hyzer finish at all.

175 Champion Firebird (lightly worn) Utility, reliability in headwinds

168 ESP Cyclone (seasoned) Mini teebird, reliable fade. Get out of trouble disc
171 D Cyclone (seasoned) Easy to throw straight as an arrow. It's the ESPs straighter counterpart.

175 Z Buzzz (fresh) the power Buzzz, my best flick midrange
166 ESP Buzzz (seasoned) the finesse Buzzz

176 Aurora MS (fresh) Completely straight, no fade
167 Aurora MS (seasoned) Workhorse midrange, hyzer flips, will hold any line

172 ESP Meteor (lightly worn) Turns right so well.

173 Soft Warlock (seasoned) Recent main putter swap from Omega APs.. and love it.
173 SSS Wizard (lightly worn) Driving convert from KC Aviar, About to try out HPP plastic
175 SS Magic (seasoned) Turnover approaches, Long jump putts
171 Blowfly (lightly worn) Touch approaches. All kinds of get out of trouble shots.
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For the putter to pair with your wizard- a scale is a great OS putter for throwing into wind- rim and bead are the same as a wizard, just a flat top. Their fossil plastic is nice.
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Really like the bag man! Old school.

Yeah I second the Scale. In the hand it feels like a Wizard but flies like a Pig. With your firebird I wouldn't sweat a Banshee or EXP1 either. Between a fresh Teebird and Firebird, you should be good. For an overstable mid and other Gateway molds, try a Demon or a Warrior.
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Try out a Hyzerbomb Mortar for an OS mid.
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Thanks for the feedback fellas!

I don't keep up with new releases often, but I did some reading on the Scale today and definitely want to try one out. I did trade a friend of mine for an older VP today but haven't gotten to throw it yet.

I love the Mortar. I've got one in Quantum and one in G*, it is very similar to my Drone. I only carry a super OS midrange when its really windy, etc. I'm still looking into something with similar LSS but less high speed turn than my Buzzz, the Aftershock is still numero uno in my opinion.

This bag feels very well rounded. I shot a six under at my home course yesterday, I felt very confident. The Warlock is just beautiful—I'm beginning to stock up on them for practice.
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I've made a few changes of course:

I've dropped my Cyclones for now, the Teebirds and QJLS pretty much take care of these shots. The Aurora can perform similarly as well. Definitely not much of a gap in distances.

Mid Ranges:
The Buzzz just wasn't striking it for me this time. I swap it in pretty often. Honestly, I missed my Super Stingray and Sentinel MF, so I put them back in for now. I am also trying out a G* Shark but its basically a meathook for me right now. Plus, I added my gummy QMS for good measure.

I'm trying out the Vibram VP right now, which I really like. I'm going to try to pair a Scale with my Wizards, but I'm not loving the driving Wizards as I did my KC Aviar. The Wizards are too STRAIGHT off the tee and fly great, they just don't find the lines I used my (KC, Yeti, beat JK) Aviars to hit. The Warlock is still a good putter. I'm in a bit of a putting slump but trust that the Warlock will help me hit some big putts.

Thinking about trying out some more Warlock plastics and weights, particularly medium plastic. Also want to try out a new a Champion Teebird, recently a couple of very solid tree hits to my E* Bird have worn it in well.
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