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Originally Posted by dorseymatt View Post
I try to be pretty laid-back about this. It's hard sometimes, though, because off-leash dogs are a big part of the reason I can't bring my dog on hikes, etc (she's very dog-aggressive outside certain scenarios and is a pit bull, and a 'friendly' dog running up to her could be a big, big problem). I don't think most dog owners think about things like that, though. Who can blame them? They're having an amazing time with their dog, blissfully ignorant, and maybe I'd be the same way if I'd never had an, um, special needs dog.

What I just don't get is why people with off-leash dogs think it's easier than having their dog on a leash. Off-leashers on the dg course are always having to call their dog away from other groups, other dogs, the guy teeing off. It seems like a giant hassle. If the dog is exceptionally well-trained, then having it on leash should present no problems whatsoever. If it is not well-trained, then it really needs to be on-leash even more so.

I've seen one dog in all my dg experiences that was completely fine being off-leash. One. The owner is an amazing trainer and basically controls that dog like he has a remote control. He can say "left" and it goes left. "Right" and it goes right. "Stop" and it stops. Incredible.
My buddy doesn't even have to speak to his dog to keep it on the invisible leash. A barely audible click of the tongue and a slight gesture with one finger can make the dog heel, sit, stay, lay down, or chase a squirrel. The only acts of rebellion I have seen are when the dog is panting a little too loudly or shifts his weight while sitting on leaves while my buddy is teeing off and those are curtailed with a glance.
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An Australian Shepherd that belongs to a guy in my regular group does some pretty impressive stuff. She's always off-leash, and my buddy cops an attitude if a Park Ranger gently reminds him of The Law. That part is unpalatable to me, as is the constant yelling for her to "move!" if she's in the middle of the fairway 200 feet away. For me, his yelling is way more distracting than the dog way out there...

He can throw 9 discs in rapid succession, for instance, and she won't pick up any that aren't designated as "hers." Only the two of them know the difference.

Anyway, someone threw into a creek that is normally only a few inches deep in most cases. On this day, it was more like 18 inches or more. And the creek is 40' down a very steep embankment.
The disc was invisible to us. The dog, however, after scouting the edges for a while, walked to a spot in the middle of the creek, water up to her chest, and just stood there looking up at us. Waiting patiently for instructions, apparently, because when my buddy said, "Get it!", she plunged her entire head underwater and came up a moment later with the disc that would have surely been lost without her.

Pretty cool, right?. My feelings aren't very strong one way or the other on this topic. I know what I do with my dogs, and I know what the law says. *shrug* If you want - or are willing - to pay a fine, go for it. But if your mutt puts his muddy paws on my chest, I'll only love on him for a second, instead of the usual minute or two. And if he gets hit by a disc, you can't blame me...

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Happy to say that almost every course around does not allow any pets on the courses. Been more than 1 time I have stepped in some dog sh*t because some ignorant dog owner just had to go against that stated rules of the course and bring their dogs out only to have then sh*t all over and just leaving it. Ever see dogs out on a regular golf course? How about a baseball diamond or basketball court when peeps are using them? Football field? You don't and neither should they be out on a disc golf course.

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From another thread:
Originally Posted by F.Luke View Post
The dog cornered a copperhead between hole 15 and 16 at Rockland Park today. It was poised ready to strike when I got the boy back on the leash. Sorry the dog wouldn’t let me go back for a picture.
Leases are for everybody's protection, including the one on the lease.

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