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Originally Posted by Cranky View Post
If you’re using US discs to get more distance, you’re probably giving up accuracy. All stabilities have their place and conditions they excel in. Steady Ed’s advice is good and US discs can be a lot of fun to throw and watch fly!

Example: Meteor drive on the final hole of 2017 am worlds. (825 downhill) (sorry I don’t have a link but it’s on YT)
If you take the time to learn release angles with US discs, I think you'll find accuracy isn't an issue. It just takes more time than hyzers and overstable discs. Your game will be stronger once you have though.
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Over stable disc’s certainly hold a very useful place in the bag but, if you “can’t“ throw under stable molds… you simply aren’t doing it right. IMHO consistent hyzer flip lines show the knowledge and skill of a player.

If you can score affectively using only OS plastic, more power to you but you would most likely score even better with a wider skill set.

Throwing frisbees and hucking plastic are two different skill sets and you need both. If you’re only using one you are missing out.


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Originally Posted by Grippenripp View Post
Sounds like the OP played with a knowledgeable guy who just had a gripe. Possibly even someone who remembers when the game was played with frisbees. I agree with you and in any situation a "purist" is always an @$$h*le. But there is something to be said for having control over neutral and US discs. That being said, confidence is key and the mental game is half the battle. So if you wanna throw OS discs BC They're predictable and not learn the game, good luck in tailwinds and wooded courses. The game of Disc Golf is so great partly because of how many ways it can be played, it's your game when you're on the box and the hole now belongs to you. Thinkong about it that way I believe if all I had was aa hyzer I'd be bored to death.
i get ya ...never thought the guy was a A-hole who knows maybe just a bad day. And i'm still figuring out my us discs lol. Naw not taking care of myself and factory work for 21 years has left me trying to play left handed with Carpel Tunnel and a bad hip. And i do try to take advice but i have to kinda play the way i have to or i'm hurting too much to work the next day which is not feasible.

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Disc stability is like fishing line. Inexperienced fisherman use thick line because they don’t know how to work a fish and because they catch a lot of tree limbs. Good fisherman use thinner line because they are skilled enough to do so and thinner line produces better lure action. Pro fisherman use thicker line because they can’t afford to lose a fish on a break off and they are good enough to get bites on thicker line.

Poor disc golfers use OS discs as a crutch, good disc golfers use US discs as a tool, and pro disc golfers use OS discs because they want maximum consistency.

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^^^ i’d say that’s a pretty good analogy

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As an older man with arthritis, I am filled with envy when I see a young guy throw an overstable disc a hundred feet farther than the best throw I’ve ever had. I love my understable drivers because that is all I can throw for any distance at all. I play a finesse game because it’s my only option. However, I also love my Triple x, Spark and Bard. Discs are like golf clubs to me. You need a lob wedge, or understable putter, no matter how far you drive. And you need to be able to hit a high soft fade as well as a low draw.

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Originally Posted by elmexdela View Post
had a torque monkey on my card brag about "usually park putter on this hole" which was about 330 and somewhat wooded

so organically i said "thats awesome lets see it"

he threw the biggest flutter and over the top throw ive seen on whatever discmania's most OS putter is

it made it about 300 and it was ugly
Should'a had a plaz volt + ion

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Originally Posted by Streets View Post
What fool told you that?
The usual suspects...
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I guess my experience is different than everyone else's.

I play with some guys who don't have a great deal of talent in throwing discs. They are adults, not kids, and don't particularly care to try to match some other powerhouse guy's throw. Actually, they know that they can't.

Their inclination is to always bag discs that are pretty understable, because they have been embarrassed by countless throws that have hyzered out far short of their other card mates.

They throw understable discs to a fault, in situations where I can see immediately that a more stable disc would be a better choice. Situations such as a wide open shot, but with some headwind, where they are reaching for their super beat MVP Relay or Lat64 Diamond. Given the conditions, I think, "that is going to flip over on you...again." But, they fall back on the understable discs, I suppose because they cannot resist the idea of that little bit of extra flip up distance.

It has become a rut for them. Those understable discs are training wheels that they do not want to remove, because they fear that their throw will be inadequate.

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Yeah, understable discs can be crutches every bit as much as overstable ones.

In a perfect world DG'ers would learn how to throw a wide variety of shots with everything from understable to overstable discs. Things usually don't work out that way.

A lot of bad players don't have very balanced bags. Everything will either be really flippy or total beef.
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