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Default Understable fairway suggestions?

Good morning,

To frame this question, Here is the relevant info. I throw max weight. For me star wraiths go 420 ish and bosses/destroyers 30-50 feet farther.

I have thrown the TL, leopard, L3, in champ and star. I am trying an icon patriot that flies stable/doesn't turn.

I am looking for a fairway driver that has a slow turn that will flip flat and even flip past flat and anny for awhile. Not interested in it fading back at any point.

I had one old TL beat in perfectly a long time ago but lost it and have never found anything remotely comparable.

Criteria are that it must be speed 8 or slower and the slower the turn the better. But it needs to actually flip up from a significant hyzer at 300-350 range power.

I'm done trying to buy a disc claiming to be that and have it be junk.

Any help?
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Latitude 64 River. Gold Line is outstanding premium plastic that will season in to a point then hold that for a long time. The River will season in to the hyzer-flip machine you want. If I ever lose mine, I'm probably going to cry.

Also, you might try a Discmania FD. Mine is in C-Line, but you might want the S-Line for a bit faster seasoning in. I find my FD to have a little bit of drift (i.e. turn), and it gets very good distance.
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I'm intrigued by the river. I'll try and check on out.

I forgot that in my quest I have also tried an s line fd and the prodigy f7. I have a west side seer I'm messing around with but it is too touchy I think to become confident in it.

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You tried the FD and it didn't fit the role? Was it too stable?
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Originally Posted by wims View Post
You tried the FD and it didn't fit the role? Was it too stable?
A dome s or c FD would fit the bill for what he wants I think.
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How about an XS?

River was also a good suggestion, but at your power level it might be a little more flippy than you're looking for.

An Icon Patriot isn't supposed to do what you're asking for. All the Icons I've thrown have flown like TL's, very straight. Pinnacles are generally less stable in my experience, a lighter Pinnacle might get you there.
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Originally Posted by friysch View Post
I am disappointed yet again with innova "understable" fairways. The prerelease L3 I tried was a great hyzer flip disc to 350 with little effort. The stock L3 I bought has zero turn and a decent amount of fade.

My search for a hyzer flip fairway driver continues. Love the speed of the tl and l3, but the ones I've bought just do not turn.

MVP relay is a leopard you wont be mad at and a river that isnt a touchy SOB.

Speed 6 slightly US available in neutron plastic (very tough star like material)
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As a long time River thrower, I have been impressed with MVP's understable lineup. Haven't thrown the Relay yet, but the others I've thrown all have the slow turn and are just a little less finicky than discs like the River. River probably has more distance potential, but the extra D isn't always worth the chance of it turning and burning, or fading out too soon.
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I posted this in the L-3 thread as an answer to your question there and will drop it in here too .

The GL River will be more stable than the S-Line FD from the get go. The River will season into a great gliding flyer over time, especially in the lighter 160 range. The River is a far better disc IMO, it can be a little nose angle sensitive at first though. I have several Rivers from 161 to 170, the only one in my bag is my oldest blue 161.

The S-Line FD is a flippy beast right out of the box when thrown flat at full power but, it does fly really nice lines when powered down to 70%. I have hit one of my longest throw on the course hyzer flipping my S-FD. I think it is a 167 weight.

The C-Line FD will be way more stable, mine is long and straight with decent fade when thrown hard ( for my noodle arm ) at my 300' feet of power . Weight on it is 170.
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I would say a polaris LS is the millennium standard plastic. A worn PLS fit this slot for me and we are comprable in power, you may have a bit more of an arm even. If so a fresher PLS will work well. It glides nicely it has the 1.6mm rim of Innova's leopard, gazelle, cheetah lineup (actually has a whippet wing with a gazelle top).

I would also give a look at the Ptero. For my arm it is pretty straight with a bit of bite at the end, but I know many people who equate it to a worn TL.
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